1st birthday themes

When it comes to picking a birthday theme to celebrate your little one’s first birthday, it is vital to remember one year olds are by and large, still babies. Skip the clowns or formal entertainers for this birthday, and pick a birthday theme that suits the needs of bub.

We’ve compiled five birthday themes that are simple and effective ways to make celebrating your baby’s birthday a memorable one for all the right reasons!

5 fabulous birthday themes


Choose a single colour that appeals to bub (or you) and carry this birthday theme through everything. You can get decorations, hats, paper plates and cups in this colour and decorate the table or play area with the appropriate coloured bunting. This is a simple and fuss free way to create a birthday theme that suits the needs of you and bub at this stage.


Does your little one have a favourite book, nursery rhyme character or tv character? This is another great birthday theme that can be carried throughout the party.

You may have to do a little internet research to source the materials you need to carry out the theme for the birthday party, but letting your fingers do the walking and ordering makes this a great and relatively fuss free way to celebrate your baby’s special birthday.

Teddy Bear’s picnic

A simple but effective birthday theme for baby’s party. By laying out lots of picnic rugs babies can lie down or crawl around happily.

Leave out an array of soft teddy bears for them to interact with and also allow for unstructured playtime.

Ladybird birthday

Viewed as a symbol of good luck, this is a great theme for celebrating a baby’s first birthday. Stick to black and red colours throughout. You can use red plates with black napkins and source helium balloons with the ladybird pattern. These colours are also visually very appealing for your little one.

Shapes birthday party

Choose a shape that appeals to bub (this is often a circle or a square) and base your theme around that. Balloons and plates are all circular in shape so you aren’t tied to a colour scheme then. Invites can be made and cut into the shape of choice. Party food like sandwiches can also be altered as well.

Choosing a first birthday party theme needn’t be a stressful event. Remember to stick with simple, fuss-free themes and make that your focus. A little planning will help you create a theme that works perfectly for you and bub in celebrating their birthday.