Household Chores

It’s an interesting challenge getting the household chores done with a little one who is on the move. Whether they are crawling after you, or even walking, it can get quite challenging for you. The key to completing household chores is to be organised, and to occasionally find ways to involve your little one in the process. That way, they will feel appreciated and you’ll be setting the tone for their involvement in the years to come.

1. De-cluttering together

In order to keep your floor areas tidy, have some tubs or clear boxes with lids that you can store in the corner of each room. Label them clearly and then you can spend a few minutes at the end of each day putting the toys/shoes/books into them. Once your little one is upright, they will enjoy toddling along after you helping you place items in the containers.

2. Cleaning time

Sprays and cloths are very appealing to little ones. A great way to involve them is to give them their own clean cloth and a water spray bottle. Give them a surface at their eye level to “clean,” while you tackle the kitchen bench tops and dust near-by surfaces. They’ll love being able to help you out, while having some fun of their own in the process. Just make sure you pop back to wipe up the water spray to avoid any nasty slips or falls later on.

3. Laundry loads

Piles of laundry are unavoidable with an active baby. They seem to have a gift for attracting dirt! Whether you do the laundry on a daily basis or every couple of days it is best to have a strategy in place. A useful tip is to make sure the vast majority of your little one’s laundry is easy wash and wear. Avoid purchasing clothing items for them that require ironing. You have more than enough to do!

The best way to tackle laundry is to put the load on first thing in the morning. Once it’s done, your little one can join you outside for some fresh air, while you hang the laundry out. They can even help by giving you the pegs. You can give them a tub full of their own special pegs to play with while you hang the washing out. They can play by putting the pegs around the tub, one peg at a time. It’s a fun way for them to develop their fine motor skills. Remember to keep a close eye on them to ensure they don’t pinch themselves with the pegs. The folding and putting away can then be done during their naptime.

4. Vacuuming

Some babies are terrified of vacuum cleaners, while others will insist on “helping” you when you’re trying to use it. For the baby who is scared it is always best to vacuum when someone else can look after them, or you know they are distracted enough not to be distressed by the sound.

If you have a little one who insists on helping, then you can use the time they are using the vacuum cleaner to get on with a different household chore such as mopping the floor or decluttering a work surface. Once their interest in playing with it has waned, you can then run the vacuum cleaner through the house yourself.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to keeping your household clean and tidy is that chaos is sometimes inevitable. There will be good days and bad days. Be kind to yourself and patient with your little one. Figure out a schedule and what will work best for you and your active baby and stick with that. You will always have tomorrow to catch up.

16/09/21 - min Read

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