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Need a plumber help

Hi Need a plumber Is there anyone who could help me?

2 replies

I have a very good company in mind. They helped me when at my dacha, mice repeatedly chewed through the corrugation (plastic) of the...


Gaming and minecraft

Do you play minecraft or do your kids play minecraft?

2 replies

Member477470 wrote: anyone? Oh, I know this game, my son plays it sometimes. Minecraft is quite an interesting and addicting game. M...

Melissa Brown

Office work and furniture

Hi I'm tired of uncomfortable furniture in the office where I work, what are your suggestion...

2 replies

Try first to ask your boss about your offer, maybe he will help you, and if he refuses, then it is better not to. But if he still ag...


Searching for flower and gift delivery service

Hello, I am from Minsk and I have to need good service to send flowers and gifts. But in Minsk, M...

2 replies

Hello friends, I am searching for a platform from where I can make delivery flower Minsk. Can someone suggest to me the best website...


New management software which is best in medicine?

Hey guys, I've been in this industry for over 10 years, and now we're at the point wher...

2 replies

The medical center that I am going to also started to use some new software for easier case management. They started to use it, for ...



Hi! What about the balloon deliveries? Do we have any good company here, in the U.S.? I don’t kn...

1 reply

Hello! I’ve asked my colleague and he said that he ordered balloons many times from different suppliers. However, during last year h...


workers compensation

my friend injured his leg working on a new building, what should he do?

2 replies

I also have problems with my shoulder, I got injured at work. The contract states that industrial injuries are paid for by the compa...


My child plays CS GO

Hi all guys, I'm a big fan of CS GO and I need skins. I want to go through a new level in th...

1 reply

Hi buddy. I want to offer myself the coolest roulette from which you will be delighted! I get free skins for playing cs go without s...