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On another note, I would love to honour my Dad and use one of his names as a possible middle name for a boy. Ronald & Lester are what I have to work with. I am a fan of modern twists on names, any suggestions? I have just had a lightbulb moment, perhaps Lexie for a girl name/middle name? Gee, I am going to need lots of kids ha ha

We would love to use the name Charles, in some spelling or context, for either a boy or girl (DH's grandfathers name). How do you feel about Charli for a girl? And what middle name goes well? I really like Charli Jayde... Opinions? For a boy, Charlie, but no idea for middle names!!

I love Grace, so another vote for Ruby Grace!! Braxton is a great name, I have played with the idea of it too! Damned Home and Away for making it popular

Sorry, just wanted to add that the cost is entirely up to you! Babies can be cheap or they can be designer You have the luxury of time, which means sales! As a frugal person, I refuse to buy anything full price! There will always be a sale!

I had some unusual events with my cycles after coming off the pill too. I have a normal cycle, normal cycle, 1 week late, 4 weeks late. The last cycle was the hardest, negative HPT's but it left me wondering what if. The dr will give you an answer either way!! My body is just playing catch up I think roll eyes

Congrats girls on the BFP's! Fingers crossed there are a few more this month

You are very oganised! I have to admit, I have collected a few things, and have a lot of inherited pieces from family and friends! A big decision seems to be a pram! I am going for a strider, as you have the bassinet, capsule and pram all on one base. Friends have used the bassinet attachment as the only one, and then they can wheel bubs to where they are at the time of nap. Also the capsule will be handy for the early months when you dont want to wake baby up from a sleep in the car to the pram. Research your prams on what you need, budget, mobility etc. I would spend a bit of time on that as its pretty important. I would also add things like: *Monitor (or one of those mattress sensor things if you would prefer) *Baby play mat (somewhere to plonk bubs when you need your hands free) Or... a baby swing/rocker etc If you choose to have a baby shower, you will likely get lots of plush toys, wraps, clothing etc for a newborn. Dont go all out on newborn clothes (0000, 000 etc) as they...

I am at 3 DPO, and finding it hard not to test!! Come on 18th!! HOPING that we all get a miracle for Christmas

Thanks so much Del, the tests on the link certainly are cheaper than the pharmacy!! By B6, do you mean vitamin B6? I am a Clomid assisted baby, I have always wondered if I would have issues myslef! Looks like I get it from Mum haha roll eyes Best of luck Del in making the next 2 weeks fly by, and for a BFP!

Hi ladies. I am sure that this has been talked about before, but I thought I would start again with my story! Just looking for advice for OPK's etc.... My Dr has given me a pathology referral after I didnt get AF for two months (and a BFN) for weekly blood tests to see if my LH levels change. He didnt give me much info at all with that, so before I go back for my first results I am wondering if anyone has done this, and what the deal is? How long did you do it for (pathology said I can have 6, I am presuming 6 for free?), and once a week. Did you have to go the same time each week? And what sort of results should i be looking for, level wise for LH etc? I have also bought a 'Discover' 7 day OPK test kit (only one my pharmacy had) but it is hard to judge how long my cycle will be and when to start testing. My last cycle was 9wks apart, but I used to be regular (when I was on the pill at the start of the year). Should I wait and see what the blood results come back as after the 6 ...