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nikkijohawkes How did you go? What do you think of the Fig & Fennel? I have been considering getting one when the time is right.

Just thought I would I would add my two bobs... No kids of my own yet (not through lack of trying ) I worked as a dental nurse for a few years, and something that a lot of mothers dont realise is that even fruit juice can be bad for little ones- when given in a bottle! Drinking something sugary from a bottle (teat) causes a slow drip of sugars onto teeth, which in time can cause cavities etc. So even fruit juice is best given watered down or in a cup (with a bigger flow). Its something that I found noone ever really talked about, so felt it was worth sharing!!

I guess my TWW is over then ~ AF just arrived And I was so positive... Sorry to hear that Mel. You have been really helpful to me, and I have been thinking of you! See you over in TTC Dec

That's it! I am adding EPO and Green Tea! My goodness there may not be a jelly bean inside me, but surely I will start to rattle soon! Has anyone tried Agnus Castus? A fellow TTC pal told me about it, apparently it helps to regulate your cycles, so giving it a go! I am due to test tomorrow (based on a 28 day cycle), couldnt hold out and did an internet cheapie this morning. BFN.... Another month for us I guess!I am hoping though that my cycle was not text book, and that I have just tested too early (OPK's were a bit inconclusive as stupid me didnt read teh instructions and was testing the wrong time of the day!). I have had some unusual cramping etc, so yet again have gotten my hopes up! I will not be able to help myself from keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that there is still hope! Best of luck to everyone for their BFP's. I would give anything for morning sickness right now (not sure how long that would last )ha ha

Just wondering, how long should you have positive OPKs for? I am up to 7 days, but the morning test is positive and afternoon test has been negative last three days. What do I make of that?

~*Lucky List*~ Deepsouth BFP 01/11 mel-O BFP - 14/11 Becs01 BFP - 16/11 Myrrah BFP 16/11 jacw99 BFP - 18/11 Sasha1001- 18/11 Bec S -BFP 19/11 del_purcell - 19/11 Spinn84 BFP - 20/11 Loz80 - 21/11 Leg_89 BFP- 23/11 Manda2011 BFP- 24/11 Mrs M to be - BFP 26/11 WEDDING DAY! DPNZ BFP - 26/11 Nic + Caleb + TTC - 28/11 AndiJ BFP - 29/11 ~*Pregnant*~ Archers~Mummy Sarah2011 - Due 18 July 2012 Rosie Mumma- Due 20th July 2012 unique1- Due 23rd of July 2012 Simmy_12 Best of luck Mel-o for tomoz!!

Got my internet cheapies today, thanks a million Del!! The wonders of science! Pee on a tiny little scrap of paper and find out what your body is up to!!

DH and I were talking last night about the What Ifs. What if we cant make this baby thing happen? What if it was me? What if it was him? We got to talking about sperm donation. Where do you get it from? Does anyone ever ask family/friends for donations? Do you go to a clinic and find a donor that has features like your partner? Is it very invasive/hard to organise for DH/DP etc t be tested?

Based on the theory that I have a 28 day cycle, I om 5DPO. But I have been testing with OPK's, and Neg Mon, Neg Tues, Faint Pos today and yesterday. I just ant to know what is going on!! Never used OPKs before, so guess it means that I am O'ing later than expected? I have been having twinges and cramps the past few days, guess it must be O? Grr, damned bodies! I was hoping that my predictor was right and last Sat was my O day, as we BD and also the few days before. That and I would love to be testing on the 18th Might just do one anyway!

Maybe you could list where you are and what you have?