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Hi ejane and asha! I am over to join you got my BFP Christmas Day, faint. It there! By my calculations that should put me due approx 30th Aug or Start of Sept so thought this would be the bet thread to jump in. It hasn't sunk in yet, and probably won't until I get bloods back from the GP. Booked in for 9th Jan, not sure I can last that long!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Thanks Del and Mel-O, hasn't sunk in yet! I have done four tests now! Ejane, guess I be joining you in due Sept!

Well ladies, I think I have received a Christmas miracle. Faint- FAINT second line yesterday that DH couldn't see. This morning another faint but definitely there line that he can see! Will do another Internet cheapie tomorrow morning but have to wait until I head home Tues to do a clear blue.. Fingers crossed!! A faint positive is still a positive isn't it? I sure hope so!!

How did you go sasha???? Ejane! Congrats!!! All the best for a fabulous pregnancy! I havent tested... Think I will tomorrow, but just don't want to see another BFN! I am hoping to join you in your due sept thread

After 6 months (I know that is nothing in comparison to some of the lovely ladies on here!) I need to know what is happening/why it isnt! My mum isnt well, and I would really like her to see a grandchild born. I have always thought I would have issues concieving, my mum did with us. We have been wanting to start a family since we have known each other, and we are finally in the right space to do so. Anyway, I have made an appt in Jan to see a GP to get the ball rolling. What should I ask for? Really, I am doing everything that I can, so there has to be something failing us, right? Any advice from those who have been down this path would be fab

oh and if you have a smart phone, there is an ap called 'Woman Pro', it is awesome for recording things! Has a monthly calendar that you can record weight, CM,Notes, Pill(contraception- if taken), mood, BBT, If you BD'd, and the start and end of your period. Awesome for tracking, has helped me so much!

Hi ladies! Not due to test until tomorrow, but couldnt help it and did one on Monday, BFN. Really getting over those! It may have been too early, hope it was because I really thought that this was it! Really emotional over the weekend, and about a week and a half ago I had pains/cramps (I was hoping that they were implantation, they were 5 days after O, is that too soon?). Really sore achey boobs too for a few days last week, and they were on and off really hard! But oh well, felt like pre-AF pains in my lower back yesterday, so looks like I am out this month! Still hanging onto hope, and I will pack a test to do on Christmas Day, just in case! That would be a wonderful gift! Congrats Del on your BFP! Awesome news and a fabulous Christmas surprise! Whatever you are doing is working a treat! Ejane, we are testing date buddies! I hope you get a beautiful FAT line next time you test! It sounds positive from what you have posted already though! Best of luck to everyone!

I have heard that everything is a pregnancy symptom... So far I have thought I was 6/6 months, but never have been ? What have you had? Or heard?

Big Hugs to everyone! I have been laying low the past few weeks. Every month I obsess and work myself up, so this monthI want to just go with the flow and hope for the best. I o'd yesterday, so the dreaded TWW is to come- How I hate it! This month I promise myself not to test early, and to not keep thinking about it. Easier said than done! Hoping many mpore BFP's for all the lovely ladies on here! xo xo

Thanks so much Tezzamumma!!