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hi there, my DD turned 2 last month and im going to try start her potty training next wk but really have no clue how to go about it! we have a potty for her and whenever me or DH goes she goes and sits on her potty and reads a book (very cute) she hasnt done anything yet. we try get her to sit on it before her bath but its like a 3 second sit then she just wants to get in the bath. she sometimes will tell me when shes done a poo in her nappy but not before, il ask if shes done poos or wees in her nappy n shel just say no poos (even if she has). does it sound like shes ready to start or is to early?? i really want her to be out of nappies during the day before end as jan as im due for my 2nd DD then. anyone have any helpfull tips or hints??

i was sz 8-10, 60kgs or so pre pregnancy with DD1, during went to sz 14 at the end put on 20kgs , struggled to lose weight after got down to size 12 took ages . this time round havent weighed myself (refuse to itl just make me down about it!plus midwife doesnt weigh) have 11 wks left with DD2 and still fitting sz 12 (pants lil snug but its dresses time so not worried lol) would love to get bak to my pre preg 1 day i struggle with my confidence about how i look now (before this pregnancy)

just wanted to know if there a facebook group for us jan mums to join??

hi im pregnant with bub #2 and my placenta is at the front aswell , with my first was where they meant to be. im interested to hear what other mums say aswell - had no idea that it could effect labour!?

hi there, yup u sure can!! i was sick before i even knew i was pregnant with my 1st! that sickness lasted till 15/16 wks!

with DD1 i had really sore boobs, (worked on a dairy farm)i had to hold my boobs while driving the motor bike they were that sore! started spewing couple days b4 my period was due thought it was a nasty bug (she was a surprise!) 2 days late went to doctor what u know test positive! had morning sickness so bad till 16 wks had to finish my job couldnt do anything! DD2 we were trying, 4 wks missed period postive test! no morning sickness as such this time just exhausted and queezy for a few wks and boobs were sorte again!

im expecting my 2nd girl and pregnacys r totaly oposite! hubby was certain bubs was gna be a boy as with DD i had chronic M/S, the works but his time was just tired n odd nausea but nope another girl! so i think its just luck of the draw if u get sick or not everytime might or might not be different. but thats my opinion u might be completly different!

hi ladies hope everyones doing great! been really quite on here! well 27 wks now 13 more to go woohhoo! time is just flying buy fast as, still havent even got anything for this little girl but have almost everthing from our first daughter will just need to get a car seat, another stroller with a toddler seat and just those last minute odd bobs will be nice this time round to get girl nb size clothes for her (our DD was a surprise). am starting to think more about birth plan now, watched this really nice homebirth video on made me want to consider trying a homebirth this time round and that way our DD can be there when her sisters born. still 50-50 on it so next visit with my MW will drag hubby along to talk about it - hes not to keen on the homebirth idea so hopefully talking to the midwife will make him more ok about it! anyone else considering homebirth this time round? this little lady is really active now feels like shes constantly moving, getting the...

with my 1st went from a 10C to 14E! stayed the same after just went 12E, now 2nd time round boobs grown again am 12F -- arrrgghh i hate it i would love love to be a C cup again so much easier buying bras when your smaller!

im exactly the same im 26 wks 2morrow and heart burn is back with force! i had it with my 1st aswell only thing that works for me is quickeze!tryed gaviscon hated it made me gag lol i dont even have to eat for it ta start, hate it. i find that its worse when i lie flat so always propped up with pillows. i asked my MW what i can do for it n she said try avoid drinking with meals (i cant - have to have a drink when i eat!), she said not to rely on antacids to much as can make it worse in long run or something like that! but would love to know other remedies for it aswell!!