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hey ladies hope everyone n bubs are doing great! Mia is now 3 wks and was weighed today and has hit 10lb! couldnt beleive it shes put on a lb in 2 wks! but not too surprising as most evening she snack feeds on and off for bout 3 hrs! Mia also has the hormone rash on her cheeks and chin and a lil bit on her chest hope it goes soon, my MW said just wash in plain water as soaps can make it worse shes been such a good lil girl her cry is rather pathetic nothing much at all just a wah wah sigh rather cute lol think shes going to start smiling soon as shes giving me lil smirks which i work rather hard for! so cant wait for that still only really getting up 1 time a night then up again round 6-7 so am very happy! she loves her cuddles buries her cheek against your face so nice DD1 has been so good hasnt really made her blink a eye lid at the adjustment just loves her lil sis, bubone i know how u feel, i feel like im yelling al the time at her at the moment shes just decided tha...

thanks for advice ladies i went and saw a lactation consultant today and was really helpfull, she said my technique and her latching is great and i have a forcefull letdown so when my milks pouring into her mouth she puts her tounge up (no tounge tie either) to stop it and makes the clicking sound when she does it thats caused the damage on my nipples. she took swabs to just to check for any infection but she said she doesnt think there is. also she said because i ahve big boobs her mouth is small and cant take in enough tissue aswell as nipple she may just ahve to grow a bit before it gets better ive been using the paw paw ointment but the lady told me that the lansinoh is the best and or expressed milk and airy drying after. feels better letting my nipples have a break for a day and a half have healed a bit more so will see how it goes in the next few days

i used heinz nuture gold for my DD1, for 1st 5 wks i was expessing and topping up with formula then went straight FF, id recommend it but then i didnt try anything as! my DD didnt have any problems with it!

hi ladies just really needing a lil vent feeling bit down at the moment my DD2 is 2 wks tommorow and ive been trying to push through the pain when breast feeding. my nipples are cracked and grazed and just really sore. i went and got some nipple sheilds to try with her but she didnt seem to like them and wouldnt suck proply and got frustrated cause she was hungry. so my hubby went n got a bottle and i expressed 60ml from one side and gave her it in a bottle and she drank it al in 1 go. im just feeling a bit down n dissapointed with myself that im not giving her my boob. i really want to breast feed but its just really painfull and has been for over a wk and every time she feeds it reopens the cracks. with DD1 i had the same thing and got to point where i was in tears latching her on so put her on the bottle after 8 days and expressed my milk for her for over 4 wks. i just really dont want to have to explain to everyone why im doing it and justifying my reasons. so just having a...

DD1 i was induced due to waters leaking (39 wks) had the gel didnt work then got put on the drip and bam they hit! had to be on the bed with monitors on my belly was horrible couldnt move ended up with epidural but not the hole thing as just the local relaxed me then started pushing all up active labour was 7 hrs and 1&1/2 hrs pushing. DD2 waters leaking again (40wks)had the gel and that worked straight away did it drug free 5 hrs active labour 40 mins pushing. had alot of pain in thighs from the gel but 2nd time way better been able to move and do what i wanted got to use the pool. i was so happy i didnt have to get put on the drip.

i tore with DD1 had 3 stitches - she was 8lb 9 and had her hand up by her face and was lying on my back with her (1 & 1/2 hrs pushing) DD2 no tears just a teeny graze(never felt it)she was 9lb and her shoulders got a lil stuck MW had to give her a lil wiggle and i was on my knees leaning over the back of the bed.(40 mins pushing) 2nd time round was way easier and drug free, DD1 i had epidural n what not and feet in stirrups pushing for me been able to feel it all helped and been told to pant/breathe through when she was crowning helped stretch the perinium preventing a tear my MW also said been in the birthing pool before hand helped soften it all up

hi ladies hope everyone doing well with their new bubs! we doing well here, mia was weighed at her 1 wk check and only lost 1/2 a oz so still a 9lb chub! shes sleeping really well doing 3/4 hrs or more at night last couple days had to wake her up last night after over 4 hrs my boobs were so full! congrats kellee! our bubs born on smae day i no exactly how u feel my nipples are really bad at the moment with cracks and grazes is toe curling sore latching her on at times am trying to make it to 2 wks (DD1 i only feed her for just over a wk with same thing - was in tears latching her on)and if not better will go to bottle and express for a bit. really anoys me when people go on bout oh u should just push through the pain etc etc when they have no idea how sore it is! with DD1 i just had to be blunt with people and say its my choice but out id rather feed her a bottle than be in tears for every feed and hate it. DD1 just loves her sister just have to tell to back of a bit sometime...

my DD2 mia is 10 days old now and doing really good but i just wanted to ask if they can over sleep?? the last day shes been sleeping for 4 hrs at a time then has a feed (not that long sometimes) and then goes back to sleep for another 4 hrs! she has at least 2 times a day of awake time of up to a hr or more, where shes happy just to sit and have a look around or cuddle. im not complaining bout her sleeping - its great for me! but just want to know if they should be sleeping that much? my DD1 was a sleeper still likes her sleep and was sleeping through the night by 5-6 wks, just cant remember if she slept this much so early on. any advice would be great or if someone else is the same!

hi ladies! my little girl Mia was born on 31/1/2012 on her due date! she weighed 9lbs exactly and 49cm in length and is beautiful! shes my baby number 2 (have a 2 yr old little girl also). birth went really well! 5 hrs active labour, 40 mins pushing - no tears yay! went from 6cm dialated to fully in 10 mins after hoping in the pool! did all natural this time no drugs so im very proud of myself! mia is just amazing, her sister absolutley adores her, shes doing so well last night only woke twice for a feed! she sleeping really well just doesnt like it on her back in the bassinette at the moment so at night shes been sleeping on me (not really a fan of it but for now it works) breast feeding going alot better than with DD1, still bit sore latching her on and ,milk has come in so boobs are huge and sore! feeling really well post birth just tired!

hi ladies, congrats to those who have had their bubs! our little girl finally made her appearance on 31st (yesterday on her due date)! Mia Maree Christine arrived at 2.50 pm weighing 9lb and 49cm long with 34cm head circumference! heres my lil labour story my waters starting leaking monday morning around 3.30am having irregular contractions for the rest of the day, meet with midwife at 12 checked me n bubs then made a plan to meet at hospital at 4 to make a plan with ob and hook up to ctg for 20 mins (she was happy - contractions still nothing much!) decided to go back at 10pm for antibiotix for my waters leaking have another monitor then go home again and hopefully she would come all on her own and if she didnt would go in to hospital at 8 for induction. well she didnt come that night! got to hospital at 8 hooked up to monitor for 1/2 hr see how she was and if contractions changed. she still happy and contractions still random! so had VE was 2cm dialated cervix still thick...