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Kiwigirl6 replied to topic Any tips for giving a recalcitrant toddler medicine?

for our 14mnth old, using a syringe, i hold him laying down across my lap, if hubby is around that helps to hold him; i hold his dummy n the other hand. Pretend to give him the dummy so that he op...

Friday 22 July 04:21am

Kiwigirl6 replied to topic Books about learning / teaching toddlers to talk

By all accounts thats normal.. every child is different. My 14mnth old is similar, says very few words, understands as much as a 14mnth old can.. is a happy go lucky adventurous lil boy.. i wouldn...

Friday 22 July 04:14am

Kiwigirl6 replied to topic babys sleeping is worse, please help me

Scrumptiousnz - firstly we feel your pain! most new parents experience this with their lil ones, so u arent alone..& i can confirm it does get easier, so hang in there.. Some great advice on here, ...

Wednesday 15 June 07:19am

Kiwigirl6 replied to topic Tattoos??

How about a charm bracelet on either your wrist or ankle? each charm representing either your children/husband/parent whateva? something elegant. eg: im a kiwi so the band or bracelet itself would...

Friday 03 June 10:18pm

Kiwigirl6 replied to topic Controlled crying

does the controlled crying still work if his cot is in our room? my son is 11 mnths old, has been a dream child sleeping thru the nite from 7wks old. He has 5 teeth with the 6th on its way thru. H...

Tuesday 24 May 09:27pm
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