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RAM replied to topic Just new and a bit scared

Congratulations. It's an exciting time! As most people have said, I think we all feel a bit overwhelmed at pregnancy. It is so new and different to not being pregnant. I've had four babies, and ...

Tuesday 27 January 10:36pm

RAM replied to topic Have other mum's found their 2nd labours to be better than their 1st?

Hi Great to see you've had lots of encouraging replies. I know everyone kept telling me that the more you have, the shorter the labour, but I still found it hard to believe that would be the case...

Tuesday 27 January 10:28pm

RAM replied to topic Kids and Meningitis

Thanks for posting such a thorough and informative piece!

Tuesday 27 January 10:14pm

RAM started new topic Running

I'd enjoy hearing about any mums who are joggers/runners. My youngest baby is 4+ months, and I'm now just getting back into a bit of running. I have fantasies of running a marathon one day, but ...

Monday 26 January 11:55pm

RAM started new topic Question re. using this site

I think I'm a bit slow, (must be the hormones), but what do the coloured icons mean in the first column of this site...e.g. the star...and how do you know this?

Monday 26 January 11:38pm
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