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EmmaBear started new topic FANTASTIC New Mum Gift Idea!

Hi Everyone, I've been browsing around the Internet looking for gift ideas as I've got two friends due this weekend and wanted to find something special... I came across this site called BabyBuds...

Friday 27 February 10:55am

EmmaBear replied to topic My Induction

Hi Anni, I'm similar to Leah on that mostly.. When I left Hospital (I was in for 7 days because I got a Uterine infection from Belle pooping inside me before they took her out), I was told no more...

Friday 27 February 02:31am

EmmaBear replied to topic My Induction

Forgot to say... Congratulations Anni!! Take care of yourself.. it took me about four weeks after my c-sect before I felt 'human' again, and it's been just over 19 weeks now since I had it and I'...

Thursday 26 February 03:31am

EmmaBear replied to topic My Induction

LeahL, that is SO true what you say about not always taking for granted what they say about size!! My Ob felt my tummy and guessed my daughter to be around the 3kg mark (just under 7 pounds).. So ...

Thursday 26 February 03:24am

EmmaBear replied to topic Whats up with dishing out the epidurals??

Hi, With my first child, I simply had him with gas. he was premature and very tiny though, and the Labour was almost pain free, it only hurt for about a minute, which was all it took to push him o...

Thursday 26 February 03:09am

EmmaBear replied to topic how early...

Gaviscon is what my Doctor recommended to me, and I had Heartburn from about 16 weeks onwards. I originally was eating Quick-Eze Chewables like there was a short supply, but my Doctor told me to c...

Thursday 26 February 02:55am

EmmaBear replied to topic baby after loss

Hi, I lost my son Max on the 24th July 2002. he was born at 23weeks gestation due to an incompetent cervix, and he lived for 7 minutes. I then fell pregnant again with my daughter Belle in Januar...

Friday 20 February 02:57am

EmmaBear replied to topic rolling over

Hi, My little girl is just under 19 weeks old now, and she did the side to side thing too. Then just as I was begining to think she was never going to roll over by herself, she did it one morning ...

Friday 20 February 02:39am

EmmaBear replied to topic PND - Will anybody help me?

Hi there sweetie, My best friends little sister went through this all in 2002. She was 14 and a half when she fell preggie after her first sexual experience, and was 15 when she had her beautiful ...

Friday 20 February 02:27am

EmmaBear replied to topic Unexplained bleeding at 14 weeks

Hi, I know everyone else has told promising stories, but please PLEASE next time you go to your Doctor, get them to check your Cervix to make sure it's not on the move. I had Bleeding at 15 weeks...

Thursday 05 February 06:23pm

EmmaBear replied to topic When should i start solids?

Hiya, I started my little girl on solids (Heinz baby Rice Cereal) 3 days ago now.. She's three and a half months old, and she desperately needed solid foods to satisfy her, as she drinks up to 300...

Wednesday 21 January 10:55am

EmmaBear replied to topic 3rd Elective Caesarean?

Hiya, It's true what they say.. Most Doctors will recommend away from a VBAC due to the high risk of Uterine Rupture causing serious life threat to Mother and babe.. Some women are determined to t...

Wednesday 21 January 10:44am

EmmaBear replied to topic Love 2 Hear stories of caesers

Hiya, I had a C-Section with my little girl (3mo old now), and I was petrified of having one, and ended up having one due to an emergency when I was 38 wks pregnant. The procedure itself was fine,...

Wednesday 21 January 10:31am

EmmaBear replied to topic premmie clothes

Hiya, My little girl weighed 2.4kgs on Birth and was only 2.2kgs when I brought her home from Hospital. I found that Target actually stock Premmie clothes if you search hard enough. Premmies 2.0kg...

Wednesday 21 January 10:16am
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