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99 posts found. thanks i might buy some tomorrow

I'm the same as you. I understand what u are saying but have no solution just wanted to say I feel the same! its soooo hard... but im resorting to ovulation tests... as my body refuses to cooporate with me im hoping this will help!!!

whats the best way to TTC without actually TTC? i know its a weird question and may not make sence but i think that i think too much about it when i am trying and i want to not try but get pregnant... im confusing myself now lol thanks in advance

Internet cheapies thanks i will have a look

this happened to me also. i did a test 4 days ago and got a faint positive and the 2 days later AF came and i was devistated i will never buy this brand again anyone know any better brands???

i just would like to know how early can u start to get craving in pregnancy? i never had any with my first and i tested today and got a very faint positive on the HPT but i am craving some pavlova and its not just i feel like it, its more i need it i cant take no for an answer...i am due for AF in 3 days(unless im Pregnant)is it too early for cravings???

Hi im jess im 24 with a 16 month old daughter, i am moving to whittlesea and was wondering if there are any mummys on here from there as my partner is going there for work and i will not know anyone. thanks

wow soo many different syptoms i have my fingers crossed. with my first it took 18 months so this is the first month trying this time so i am sooo scared it will take that long far i have had syptoms of period pain but no period, bigger boobs and sore ribs and lots of toilet trips but the test all come back negative so will be waiting a few more days

Hi everyone i was wondering what everyones first signs oof pregnance were? i had a day where i just felt horrible with my lil girl and i had never felt this before and now we are TTC and my breasts are really heavy but im 4 days off testing :/

Sorry about that, I think on the thread TTC #1 Del has put a list of all the things stand for, It can get quite confusing! BFP - Big Fat Positive (for a positive preg Test) FX - Fingers Crossed thanks i hope i am.