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Hi Does your little girl seem well? Is she meeting her milestones? Are you still spoon feeding her or does she feed herself finger foods? It does sound like alot of sleep especially compared to my ds(he's just over 1) who sleeps about 12 hours at night and then only has 1 nap of around 1 hr each day. But if she seems happy then it maybe that her body needs the extra sleep. I think the 2 cups of milk are fine although if your concerned I would speak to your child health nurse or your doctor. How is her weight? Is she following her growth line on her chart? If she doesn't have much of an appetite maybe it maybe worth getting her checked out by your doctor. When do you give her the milk? If you are giving it immediately after meals it maybe that she's thinking it's easier to drink her milk than to eat. Just saw your other post and thats a great idea to offer breakfast instead of a bottle. And thats great that she's otherwise healthy yeah she is healthy, her weight has always been ...

Great plan, ditch the morning milk and offer her breakfast instead. Its amazing how much more they start eating when you cut back the milk From age 1-3 the calcium requirement is 500mg, 250mls of milk is 295mg so that's more than enough milk as long as she has calcium from other sources like cheese, yoghurt and some cereals contain calcium too. thanks yeah she has other sources of calcium too uve been a great help

Hi 12 hours overnight and 2 day sleeps is perfectly ok - it varies from child to child, both mine sleep 12 hours overnight (age 3 and 5) but both only slept once a day by 16 months for only 1 1/2 hours. I dont think what your DD is doing is out of the ordinary. 2 cups of milk does not sound excessive - but how many mls is it? If your DD is barely eating I would be concerned that it is too much milk for her, and too much milk can inhibit iron absorption so perhaps its time to cut the milk back to once a day and limit it to 250mls. Is it just cows milk or formula? Is she otherwise well? Ie bright and happy and active when awake? thanks hun, she is having 2x 250 mls one when she wakes up and one when she goes to bed, otherwise she is perfectly healthy... i might have to cut out the morning bottle what do u think?

hi all, my lil girl is 16 months i dont know whether i should be concerned or not about a few things 1) she is still sleepin 12 hours at night and having 2x 2-3 hour sleeps a day. 2) she still has 2 cups of milk a day 3) she is barely eating i would like to know is she sleeping too much for her age and is she having too much milk in a day which may be causing her to eat less. please any advice will be appreciated thanks

i will be moving to whittlesea in a week, would love to meet u and ur lil girl haha love ya guts

Easier said than done in forgetting about TTC, I agree to try take a more relaxed approach nd the most important thing is to keep the romance alive nd enjoy wot u r doing nd not for it to feel like a chore or ur DH feeling like a sperm bank. But in regards to throwing out OPK's temps ect I tend to disagree. Depending on how ong u have been trying, if u have such problems as ENDO or PCOS then I think it's important to try keep track of ur cycle nd no where ur at. Some cpls they work away from each other so really timing is everything. Good luck everyone Xxxx i agree, it is hard for my partner and myself as he works strange hours so i think it is important for me to track it... as i have been trying to track it myself however my body likes playing tricks on me so it always ends up wrong, maybe it may be a idea to test but not tell my partner and just gooo with the flow...if he doesnt know it may be more relaxed...

Did u buy any Internet cheapies from the link Del posted on the other thread? I bought some sure did lol

Hi! We TTC for about 7 months with no luck. No we are not TTC, but going with the flow. This means, I still take a healthy vitamin mix (to help my well being), but dont use any testing kits to determine my cycle. Yet, after so long TTC I know that ovulation is between day 12-17 for me, so we just enjoy ourselves, but dont stress out trying every second night if we dont feel like it or if we are tired. I am not going to buy any early preg tests, but if im late i will then, instead of frantically testing early like before and crying if its negative. I now still enjoy wine and coffee. I dont get drunk, but before when ttc i avoided it. Now if i want 1 or even two glasses, i have it. i still want to be preg DESPERATELY and want to ttc but it was stressing me and hubby out. He didnt like "trying" anymore as it was so routine and not like us and it was making me anxious if we didnt try on the exact right night. Does that make sense??? Hope so! good luck hon! thanks hun makes perfec...

I am just buying some off ebay now.. Didn't want to but really need to know!! I bet this cycle will be the one I fall pregnant now that I'm buying 40 ov predictor tests and 20 preg tests! Oh well I'm ok with that haha thats funny my partner was just saying the same thing lol

I wanted to try but not try so I just went off the pill and let my body tell me when i wanted to 'do it' hahahha took about 6 months and we are now 'surprisingly' pregnant haha thats awsome congrats