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thanks guys u really helped, as we already started trying we have to now stop so if im already pregnant nothing we can do really.... i willl be happy to have a bub now then do whatever i need to after bub comes. as for a second opinion, this is my 3rd and all say possible crohn's as my sister was diagnosed with it years ago, she has had a bunch of problems getting her meds right and even eye surgury to repair her rectarer in her eye which was damaged by her illness. i did have 1 apt with a specialist about 9 months ago but gave up cos i didnt feel i needed to see him and i didnt like him, also i will have t go through the public system as i dont have private insurance so wait could be 12 months so with all that said i really dont know what i should do

so here is where the story starts when i was 36 weeks with DD 17 months i was told i had pre clampsia and was induced at 39 weeks and had my gorgous baby girl. anyway since having DD my liver enzymes have remained dangerously high and all past doctors have told me that it is from "fatty liver disease" (a disease mstly caused from too much alchol intake or obesity) which i dont think i have. my partner and i have been TTC for almost 2 months and have recently moved so i saw a new doc today about the issue and she has told me that unless i am already pregnant then i should stop TTC as i have to have alot of tests to confirm what she believes it may be( crohn's disease's_disease) and if it is this then they will need to get me on the right meds which can be dangerous if i am pregnant. i am really upset about this as it could be years before this all happens and my DF and i are really ready for baby #2 now. what will happen if i do fall pregnant......

Same. I have been having pregnancy symptoms for the last 2 months but not pregnant. Recently had a scan to look at the ovaries. Been having pains for almost a year but have tried to ignore them. Hoping that it was nothing, but it did get to the point where sex was painful. Hoping for good results but also an explanation. Not sure where to go from here. Just keep hoping just keep trying it will happen

We are also trying for number 2. Its been 9 mths now and I really thought that it would not be this long. We got pregnant first try for bub #1. I have never taken contraception. We just used condoms before we got married. I stopped testing after 6 months. my periods can be 50 days apart or as close as 20 days so I cant really tell when I ovulate. So frustrating. awww i hope it happens for u soon. i got a blood test done today as i am having pregnancy syptoms but i got AF about 5 days ago which was lighter then usual so i thought i would get a test just to be sure...

Sounds like a plan sweetie, keep him in the dark nd he thinks he's just getting lucky our secret lol

thanks guys, yeah i am a SAHM she used to be at daycare and i used to love going to pick her up as i knew that she missed me just by the look on her face but she is temporarily out of daycare and with me everyday its like she is just sick of me.

sounds perfectly normal to me. My little one is almost 16months and she still has about 13hours of sleep overnight and if we are home she will have 2 x 2.5-3 hour sleeps during the day. She loves to sleep and it isn't cause for concern when they are so active they don't stop the whole time they are awake. my now 3 year old was exaclty the same she still had 2 sleeps at this age and for a few hours each time. and still if i make her have a nap will have 1x 3 hour sleep As for milk i can't really help my little ones refuse to drink milk but they do eat a lot. i would definately cut out the morning bottle and see how u go. even just offer a little sippy cup of milk with brekky and see how she goes thanks hun

We are workig on No. 2 as well. I'm no good for ideas, as I always test too early! 7 cycles trying this time, might give it one more before heading to the doc for advice. (Took 2 1-2 years to make no.1, eventually with no assistance!) yeah it took us 18 months with no assistance, i think we need to just gooo with the flow lol it will happen good luck

my lil girl is 16 month and is a real daddies girl, doesnt matter what happens she always goes to her dad even if he has told her off. i know its normal and all but i really feel left out when he is home and feel like i dont exist to her. any ideas on what i can do to make me feel abit better as he is a good dad and i want them to be close but just cant help but feel rejected by my lil girl

my lil girl was 13 months when we went to the wiggles concert and she sat there and watched the whole thing, she loved it have fun