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if u go to she has a 2 day toilet training technique which i am trying. im on day 2 with little progress

thanks guys... i took a test this morning came up neg but it might just be too early... who knows will retest in a week if i havent got it yet oh and health problems are ok get my ups and downs but getting through it

Hi, my partner and i have been TTC but havent been keeping dates because of medical issues and my doc told us to have the whole "if it happens it happens" kind of attitude. well anyways as i havent been keeping dates i have no idea when i should start testing. any advise would be great Thanks!!!

Yep had to reply to the rat bait, I honestly thought it was a joke to see if we are paying attention! In Tassie we just call it savoury toast! If i can give any lunch ideas I say get involved with tuna, it comes in all different flavours, is not to expensive and can be used so many ways. Good ol tuna sandwich, on toast, with crackers,with salad, in quiche, of course tuna mornay but I LOVE one of those maggi pkt meals for 'tuna potato pie' and it's even better with a stick or two of celery chopped in the mix and great for the whole family. I used to call tuna 'cat food' but my first pregnancy I made myself eat it, now I love it and it's so good for my boy's brains. Really easy to throw a tin in the handbag too! thanks i have tried tuna in a few different ways just she alwaays spits it back out after pulling a "yuk" face lol its quite funny

thanks guys they are some great ideas i will have to write them down lol

my lil girl is 17 month and like i said i am looking for ideas of what to give her for lunch that are easy to make. she likes all foods but gets sick of having the same things all the time and ends up not eating her lunch. any ideas thanks

Good, no weight loss so good sign Then I hope it's not crohn's and whatever they find will be fixable/treatable. Hope you get results from the blood test soon. If its ibs then a good diet will really help And like pp said, they know someone who has crohn's and fell pregnant and went on to have a healthy bub so the good news is it is possible to have bub no matter. You just get monitored closely Let me know how things go ok, and remember if you're not getting the answers you need or help just go see another gp or hospital and nag them till you do. I did and glad I did!!! thanks hun and i am glad u got the answers u were looking for

can't help too much but I know someone who has crohns and accidentally fell pregnant - they just monitored her a bit closer bubs was born happy, healthy and full term. She's now having a few problems but bubs is almost 3months old so I think its a few factors causing it to flare up. not too sure if she stopped her meds while pregnant though- she was diagnosed years ago so that may also make a bit of a difference. thanks hun

Hi, sorry to hear this. The only advice I can give you now is keep going back no matter what!! It took docs and 2 hospitals to run test after test, 3 months later to tell me I had crohn's. I was using the public system (am now private) & got the run around so much, I was seeing diff docs, was told oh no you just have IBS, oh no maybe not etc etc. I wouldn't give up as I was so sick, lost so much weight, basically I had every symptom crohn's described except fever. But finally I got answers and I tell you it was worth the time it took because i could then get on with my life!! So google as much as you can. Again it depends on the severity of the type of crohn's you have (if you do have it) so will depend on the medication you may have to take. I am on mecurocaptine puri nethol 6mp and take it 3 days a week. There is no evidence or proof that it causes any problems for baby. I know when I was pregnant with the twins 3 years ago I had an issue with my eyes, the pupil was basically...

I know it is not cheap and maybe something you can't afford but it might be worth saving every cent to book a specialist appointment privately. I am so surprised you have to wait so long! This is not just your typical walk in the park illness! i know i should have had this all sorted out over a year ago but my lil girl was ill alot when she was younger and i prioritised her over me. also i hate having tests done (blood tests i dont mind) but any others i dont like cos i would have noone to help with my lil girl while they are being done and her dad needs to work. the specialist i saw once was private and i would have only had to pay for any procedures but i just didnt like him he made me feel stupid... but my current doc said she would find me a good one to see closer to home...its just the waiting game that gets to me and the "do not TTC"