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happymummy replied to topic Jealous Dad

Hi Lisa I agree with the advice that Kristie and Michelle have given, your priority is yourself and your son. Unfortunately, we can not be there for our kids milestones all the time. My husband ...

Saturday 06 December 12:43pm

happymummy replied to topic Saying Dadda

Hi My eight month old daughter has been saying Dadda for the past week and that is all she says, she calls everybody Dadda or bub bub. She is doing the vocal sounds of Mamma, so I am patiently wai...

Saturday 06 December 12:35pm

happymummy replied to topic Deciding on another baby!

Hi Michelle Congratulations! Hope all goes well with your pregnancy and all the best for July 2004 when no. 2 arrives.

Saturday 06 December 12:29pm
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