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Erica replied to topic childhood ezcema

Just a thought - have you considered it being an allergy? Some times they can be sensitive to lactose, tomatoes... a whole range of food and formulas and even food that you eat that comes through ...

Tuesday 25 March 04:04pm

Erica replied to topic FLAT SPOT ON HEAD

My baby is now almost 6 months old - prior to about 4 1/2 months he had a noticable flat spot on the back of his head where he slept all the time. This has now started to come out again and his he...

Friday 28 February 10:36am

Erica replied to topic Nappy Rash

You can get Sudocrem or even Curash cream or powder work well - anything high in Zinc does the trick. My son gets a red bottom so I went back to just using cotton wool and water to wipe his bottom...

Tuesday 11 February 01:33pm

Erica started new topic Settling

I'm running out of ideas and methods. I'm finding it harder to settle my baby during the afternoon lately and he's starting to fight his tiredness even though he has all the signs. Until about a ...

Tuesday 11 February 01:28pm
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