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madpat replied to topic nasal congestion

If the nasal congestion is due to stuffiness and not being blocked by the breast, try squirting a bit of breast milk up the nostrils. This really helps to clear the nose, it also helps sticky eye....

Sunday 04 May 07:59pm

madpat replied to topic childhood ezcema

I heard about a lotion called Calendulas Plus. A parent invented this to help their child and apparently it is really effective against ezcema. I'm not sure where to get it though, possible a che...

Sunday 04 May 07:46pm

madpat replied to topic overdue

I danced around the loungeroom, while picking out my labour music, the day before I went into labour, 2 months early!!

Sunday 04 May 07:40pm

madpat replied to topic sleep time

My 4 month old son is ready for his big sleep (only 5 hours) by 6.30pm. If I don't put him to bed then he also gets very whingey. Lately my daughter has started doing the same when originally she...

Sunday 04 May 07:34pm

madpat replied to topic Feeding

Is she breast or bottlefeeding? If she is breastfeeding, this can be digested in 2-3 hours. I am currently demand feeding my 4 month old twins and they can feed 1-2 hourly during the day and 3-4 ...

Sunday 04 May 07:29pm

madpat replied to topic Trying to eat properly with a demanding baby.

I have 4 month old twins who also take up a lot of my time. In the morning, before my husband leaves for work I have a bowl of cereal and some OJ. If I have time, I cut up some carrot & celery st...

Friday 25 April 06:51pm

madpat started new topic Baths or showers?

I have 3 month old twins and at the moment I bath them. I have heard of people showering with their babies and I reckon it must be a quicker and easier way of doing things, especially with 2 babie...

Thursday 17 April 07:41pm
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