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Lyndal R

Lyndal R replied to topic single mother starting a new relationship

Congratulations. The father of my eldest 2 left me when the children were 6 months, and 19 months. I was worried that I would never meet anyone else, especially since my ex was such a horrid pers...

Wednesday 05 November 08:29pm
Lyndal R

Lyndal R replied to topic Old Mum!!

I am not quite an old mum, but sometimes feel like it. I am 31, but have a 24 yo sister in law who is constantly complaining about things to do with being a young mum. What frustrates me with it al...

Friday 24 October 02:15pm
Lyndal R

Lyndal R replied to topic Thumb in mouth help!

My oldest son sucked his thumb until he was 4, and my daughter sucked her fingers until the same age. I actually found it better than the dummy because I didn't have to constantly find it, or put i...

Friday 24 October 01:54pm
Lyndal R

Lyndal R replied to topic toddlers and breakups how does it effect their behavior

I agree with Sam's mum. I have actually been through a similar experience. The father of my first 2 children left me when the youngest was 6 mths. I also had a 19mth old. Over the years the childre...

Friday 24 October 01:46pm
Lyndal R

Lyndal R replied to topic Meeting new people

I have found it difficult to meet new people, as well. I tried a church playgroup, and found that they weren't particularly welcoming, but would love to meet up with other mums, even via e-mail. I ...

Friday 24 October 01:32pm
Lyndal R
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