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Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic When Are your Due Dates?

Thanks Michelle, I knew I was pregnant almost straight away and April next year seems like ages away but with Jess being 14 months old, i wonder where the last 14 months went??? It's a bit scary ...

Friday 16 July 05:43pm
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic When Are your Due Dates?

Hey all, This is my second time round!!! Name: Sally Due: April 05 Children: Jessica 14 mths

Friday 16 July 11:27am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Planning no. 2 - What to buy?

Hi Ashlee's Mum I just found out that I'm preggas with my second baby, so my thoughts mirror yours as Jess will probably be 23 mths by the time this one comes into the world. I've been looking at...

Friday 16 July 09:22am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Birth Stories

Ok here goes... This is over a year ago but its still pretty fresh in my memory It was my first pregnancy and coming up to 34 weeks the Dr's were getting worried because Jess wasnt growing at all...

Thursday 15 July 01:10pm
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Morning Sickness all day long

I feel for you, I'm 3 weeks into my second pregnancy and I've been feeling nauseas all day for 3 weeks, but I found that eating savoury biscuits and cereal bite type things have kept the queasiness...

Thursday 15 July 10:53am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Lack of weight gain

Hi, My 19 week old girl has had weight gain problems for weeks now, sometimes she will gain only 20 grams in a week, other weeks gain 220, It was really begining to stress me out, but she is an al...

Sunday 28 September 07:20am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Rolling over

Hi, My little one is 19 weeks now and has only just started to roll, a few weeks ago I asked the nurse if there was something wrong as she wasnt into talking and didnt roll yet, she informed me tha...

Sunday 28 September 07:12am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Milk running out

I have a almost 5 month old girl and i was breastfeeding her until my milk dried up, at two months. I had no idea, until she went in to my local child health nurse and she was putting on about 80...

Wednesday 24 September 06:21am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Cleaning and Sterilising Bottles

Hi Thanks for all your suggestions I gave up on boiling them, it would just drive me nuts, so i went and bought a Milton steriliser, and now voila! crystal clean. Its really good I can sterilise...

Tuesday 16 September 07:01pm
Mad Dame

Mad Dame started new topic Cleaning and Sterilising Bottles

HELP!! I'm having trouble getting the bottles really clean, I scrub them clean in warm soapy water rinse and then sterilise them by boiling for 5 minutes, when I retrieve the bottles from the boili...

Friday 05 September 07:57pm
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Eye Colour

Hi Jayner, My little girls has really deep blue eyes but when you look really closely you can see that she has the brown flecks that are going to develop into the chocolate brown that her dad has....

Sunday 31 August 06:48am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic new here...

Hi, I'm a newy too I'm 23yo and married to my wonderful husband Bren. I'm a first time mum to 9wk old lil girl, Jess and she's beautiful, I hope I can get heaps of tips from here on what to do!...

Thursday 17 July 08:05am
Mad Dame

Mad Dame replied to topic Relationships

Linda, I can understand how you feel, My little girl is three weeks now and my husband changes her and cuddles her when I get upset. He gets me worried tho, especially when I find jessi's nappy fal...

Monday 02 June 05:16pm
Mad Dame
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