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M i | | A replied to topic NOOSA HEADS ANYONE?

no one? okay.

Friday 20 May 11:16pm
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M i | | A started new topic NOOSA HEADS ANYONE?

Hi I know there is a Sunshine coast thread but Noosa is big in itself so I thought I would start a new thread. I am Camilla I am 20 with a 19month old daughter Lydia, and we live in Sunshine Beach...

Thursday 28 April 10:25pm
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M i | | A replied to topic Meeting mums on the SUnshine Coast??

Hey Lauren ;] We should meet up one of these days! But a bus from Noosa to Nambour for me is daunting. But I'd love to meet you oneday soon I hope... Maybe somewhere closeish for the both of us. ...

Thursday 28 April 10:19pm
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M i | | A replied to topic FIRST TIME SUNNY COAST MUM

Hey there Kris! I am Camilla, I have a 19month old and I live in Noosa. Congratulations on the Birth Charlie! Love her name btw!! Hope things are well... Camilla

Thursday 28 April 10:17pm
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M i | | A replied to topic Sunshine Coast Mums

Hey again everyone!! I feel like I need to reintroduce myself again! I am Camilla (20) and Lydia is now 19months old. (Last I updated she was 13months!) I live in Sunshine Beach (Noosa Heads)......

Thursday 28 April 10:11pm
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