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sus replied to topic MOTHER-IN-LAWS

Unfortunately my mother-in-law passed away years before we had our child- but if she were here she would have been a great support person to have around as she had 3 boys and would have treated our...

Thursday 04 March 12:24am

sus replied to topic Something silly!!!

Hello twin mum I think I will be doing the same thing once my lil girl finally gets her teeth. It is said that bringing up kids is a great responsibility but who said it had to be so serious all th...

Thursday 04 March 12:14am

sus replied to topic Anyone around 30?

Hi My name is Susan I turned 30 in January and have a 9 month old cutie-pie girl named Jasmine. All my friends with kids all had their first ones in their early 20's which I couldn't imagine doing ...

Wednesday 03 March 11:51pm

sus replied to topic teething & sleeping

Dear Debbie & Nat Thank you so much for writing, sounds like I was lucky to get a month off last month. I really am hoping that this time we may get to see some of those teeth that are causing our ...

Wednesday 03 March 11:33pm

sus replied to topic 1st time mum's from Windsor or surrounding area's

Hi I'm a first time mum too, I live in Londonderry with 9 mth old girl Jasmine and hubby. I am interested in going to a group or even getting out for a cuppa to get out of the house while hubby is ...

Wednesday 03 March 05:04pm

sus replied to topic night waking

My 9mth old daughter has also been to Tressillian and day sleeps are good now but lately has been really grumpy and has been getting up every hour or two at night, I think it's teething but am wond...

Wednesday 03 March 04:47pm

sus started new topic teething & sleeping

Hi I'm new to the site. I have a 9 month old girl named Jasmine. We have had sleeping issues since the beginning due to feeding problems but once we sorted that out with a bit of help from Tressill...

Wednesday 03 March 04:19pm
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