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dandanluk replied to topic Reflux formula

I found that Karicare reflux formula agreed with my son the best. I tried the s26 ar but that made him a bit constipated. I think some chemists sell it in stick packs so you don't have to buy a w...

Wednesday 22 September 08:39am

dandanluk replied to topic bathing baby

I mostly bathed my son with the nutrimetics baby soap free body wash and wash his hair with the nutrimetics baby gentle shampoo, occasionally I use the J&J bedtime bath, milk bath or moisturising b...

Saturday 27 March 08:21pm

dandanluk replied to topic A few questions about reflux

Hi my son Luke has the happy vomiter type of reflux. He threw up after every feed and at nine months still has days that are bad, but most are good. 1. I had heartburn towards the end of my pregna...

Tuesday 16 March 08:59pm

dandanluk replied to topic Refusing spoon feeds (9mth old)

I am going through exactly the same thing with my 9 month old son at the moment. I have been cooking vegie sticks (carrot, zucchini, potato, asparagus etc) and letting them cool, them letting him ...

Wednesday 03 March 02:25pm

dandanluk replied to topic Recipes

Hi again, I finally got around to making some muffins and combined a few different recipes to come up with these ones. My son loves them and they freeze well. I make them in mini muffin pans and...

Monday 01 March 09:26pm

dandanluk replied to topic Doesn't drink water

Hi Christina, I completely understand your dilemma. My 9mth old son doesn't drink much water either. I have tried several different types of training cups, a glass, spoon, frozen, you name it, m...

Monday 01 March 08:51pm

dandanluk replied to topic teething symptoms

Hi, my son started teething around new years and hasn't really stopped since. He has six teeth now and is 8 and a half months. When teething he has lots and lots of dirty nappies of all diferent c...

Saturday 21 February 02:30pm

dandanluk replied to topic Falling over

Hi, I'm not sure what causes the falling over. I think that babies sometimes forget to hold on or to put their hands out. You could try sitting him in a washing basket and putting some toys in th...

Wednesday 18 February 08:53am

dandanluk replied to topic Best Ever Book for Baby

Hi Selly, I found the book `Baby Play' by Gymboree to be fantastic especially when baby can't get around on their own. It has heaps of ideas on games to play and songs to sing. I goes over the de...

Monday 16 February 03:06pm

dandanluk replied to topic Recipes

Hi Elle, The book I have is `Baby abd Toddler meals' by Robin Barker. The recipes are very similar to the ones you posted, just a few differences. Do you freeze the cheese sauce? I am going to ...

Monday 16 February 02:47pm

dandanluk replied to topic Baby Massage

hi, We did baby massage in mothers group, my son really enjoyed his legs and feet massaged and I found it a good way to settle him when he was really upset. Danielle.

Sunday 15 February 10:39am

dandanluk replied to topic when do i start biscuits

Hi, Arrowroot biscuits are good too Danielle

Sunday 15 February 10:32am

dandanluk replied to topic Reflux Formula

Hi, My 8 month old son also has reflux without the pain. He is still on the AR Karicare formula. He still throws up, some days more than others. Teething has also made it a bit worse and crawlin...

Sunday 15 February 10:29am

dandanluk replied to topic Recipes

Hi, I add half a tiny tin of salt reduced baked beans with my sons vegies. He really likes it. I also use creamed corn, I rinse it in a sieve to wash all the salt and thickeners off and it is th...

Sunday 15 February 10:23am

dandanluk replied to topic Our bath dilema!!

Hi, If he is holding himself up you could try standing him in a plastic bucket or bin. My sister did this when my niece started pulling herself up in the bath. Good luck Danielle

Wednesday 21 January 05:32pm

dandanluk replied to topic baked beans?

Hi, Thanks guys, I gave him baked beans yesterday mashed up, he quite liked them. I must say his poos today was something that had to be seen to be believed. Thanks Danielle

Wednesday 21 January 05:14pm

dandanluk replied to topic Screaming babies

Hi, I found that when my son cried a lot that massage helped. If all else failed I would take his pants and socks off and lay him on his back on my lap with his legs elevated and rub his feet and ...

Sunday 18 January 10:26am

dandanluk started new topic baked beans?

Hi, I was just wondering at what age to give baby baked beans. My son is 7 and a half months. I had read that you should start baked beans at 9 months but I have also noticed that some mothers giv...

Sunday 18 January 09:57am

dandanluk replied to topic First solids

Hi, When I started my son on solids I just followed the advice on the back of the rice cereal packet to get him used to it. Like you I also had so much conflicting advice. I think the one I listene...

Thursday 08 January 10:04am

dandanluk replied to topic To Sterilise or Not to Sterilise

Hi, I still sterilise the bottles for milk and boil the water for my seven month old son. I dont sterilize the bowl and spoon or cups. I think bacteria is more likely to multiply in milk. It is a...

Thursday 08 January 09:43am
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