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ErinJ started new topic breastfeeding and iron tablets.

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask my question. Our youngest recently turned one and we have decided we would like to try for another baby so I have started taking FGF (only every...

Thursday 03 November 08:58am

ErinJ started new topic 20 month old won't sleep through

Hi there, I have a 20 month old daughter who has started waking at least 2....or 3,4,5 times a night. She was getting to the point where she was sleeping through most nights but about a month ago ...

Wednesday 09 February 09:29pm

ErinJ replied to topic Anyone due in November

Congrats to you all. Nov is not far away now hope all is going well for you all. I've had my hands full with my other 3 and haven't visited this site for a while but we're really getting excited ...

Tuesday 28 September 03:21pm

ErinJ replied to topic How long do you wait to put baby back into freshly painted room

Hi bubataz, I seem to do most of my painting while pregnant and it doesn't seem to have done any harm. I wouldn't use enamel paints (the really smelly ones) and you need to be careful while up ladd...

Tuesday 10 August 03:52pm

ErinJ replied to topic Baby Bonus

Hi there, I talked to Centrelink today just to find out what happens with the next lot of payments(ie whether the one for the next financial year is paid in a lump sum or in installments throughout...

Tuesday 22 June 08:14pm

ErinJ replied to topic Baby Bonus

Hi there, My understanding is that people who have their babies this month (ie before July 1) will get their $800 plus be eligible to apply for the $500 at the end of every tax year for the first 5...

Saturday 05 June 12:48pm

ErinJ replied to topic so how many of u own or rent a house with young family?

Hi there, Having been a single mum for 8 years I bought my own home about 3 years ago. I am lucky enough to live in a small country town in WA and only paid $30,000 for it. It's a fairly small 3 ...

Tuesday 18 May 09:00am

ErinJ replied to topic Baby's Surname

Hi there, Looking at it a different way, almost 11 years ago I had a baby, Her father and I were planning to marry (which we did) so I gave the baby her fathers surname. As I said, we did end up g...

Wednesday 05 May 03:34pm

ErinJ replied to topic Thanks Huggies mums

I agree, It's great to be able to talk to other mums about problems and occasionally help out with someone elses. The great thing about a forum this size is that no matter what your problem, there...

Tuesday 27 April 12:26pm

ErinJ replied to topic Painful Leg Cramps

Hi there, I had heaps of them with my first pregnancy but I found that with my second they weren't so bad. I could usually tell when they were about to come and if I pointed my toes up towards my ...

Tuesday 20 April 05:26pm

ErinJ replied to topic Mickeyboo - & others - love to hear about stretch and sweep

Hi there, Yep, I had the sweep at about 3pm on a Monday and contractions started by about 6 then slowed right down by about 2 in the morning but they weren't the real strong painful ones, just real...

Tuesday 20 April 09:50am

ErinJ started new topic Restless Legs

Hi everyone, Towards the end of my last pregnancy I started getting really restless legs at night which kept me from sleeping. Problem is now I'm only 10 weeks pregnant and it's happening again. ...

Monday 19 April 02:25pm

ErinJ started new topic Anyone due in November

hi all, I'm 10 weeks pregnant, due Nov 15. Just wondering if there was anyone else out there due around the same time Erin

Monday 19 April 02:20pm

ErinJ replied to topic Mickeyboo - & others - love to hear about stretch and sweep

Hi there, I had a stretch and sweep with with my 10 month old daughter about a week before she was due. It was a little uncomfortable but I wouldn't say that it hurt and only took a couple of minut...

Monday 19 April 02:11pm

ErinJ replied to topic Controlled crying

Thanks Jasmine, You seem to feel pretty much as I feel, I had a quick look at that site and am quite keen on the idea of comforting the baby to sleep in the cot,(Ashley has always breastfed hersel...

Friday 09 April 11:18am

ErinJ started new topic Controlled crying

hi there, I know there are 4 other posts on controlled crying in this section and I have read them through but all the situations are different to mine so here goes... My brother and his wife prac...

Thursday 08 April 09:18pm

ErinJ replied to topic PREGNANT PLAY GROUP?????????

Hi there, That really is a great idea, I live in Tambellup, W.A. which is not really close to anywhere unfortunately. I have 2 girls and a foster son with autism. I'm not due till Nov 11. Erin

Saturday 27 March 09:27am

ErinJ started new topic Attn:Anyone who has ever fallen pregnant while breastfeeding

Hi there, I have a 9 1/2 month old daughter who is breastfed. As we were planning to have another baby fairly soon I have always wanted to wean her at 12 months but that is sneaking up really quick...

Friday 26 March 12:11pm

ErinJ replied to topic hope

Hi there, I'm not in the waiting game anymore, I'm 5 weeks pregnant. We were trying from the time Ashley was 6 weeks old to have a baby(she's 9 months old now), every month I'd be waiting for my pe...

Wednesday 17 March 02:37pm

ErinJ replied to topic Morning Sickness the 2nd time around but not first time.

Hi there, I didn't have morning sickness with my first two pregnancies (they were 10 years apart)...both girls, I'm pregnant again now and seem to be having quite a bit of it. I was reading a book...

Wednesday 17 March 02:28pm
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