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Jax replied to topic Any December 2004 babies??

Hi all Annaliese was born on 13th December and was sleeping thru from day 1!! Don't get too excited as it only lasted about 2 months and now she seems to wake once at night, sometimes more. Oh w...

Saturday 07 May 12:21pm

Jax replied to topic Desperate for Help with Girls Names

I named my daughter Annaliese as I thought it was a "pretty" name.... Good luck and let us know what you choose

Wednesday 23 March 09:36pm

Jax replied to topic Daycare Dilemma

My son has been going to daycare 2 days a week for the past 4 months and still cries when I leave him. The first time I ever left him, he screamed and I just ran to my car and bawled my eyes out!!...

Wednesday 23 March 09:30pm

Jax replied to topic Talking

Hi all, My son is 22 months and only seems to say the first syllable or the first letter of the word, and gets really frustrated if we try and force the words on him. I was also thinking of taking...

Friday 11 March 01:55pm

Jax replied to topic Headbanging Anything!!

Hi Kahlie No you are not alone!! I actually posted something on headbanging a few weeks ago also, and realised that there were a few people out there as well dealing with it. My son, who is 22 m...

Friday 11 March 01:44pm

Jax replied to topic Mere Male!

Allison I will be laughing for days about this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 19 February 11:04pm

Jax replied to topic need to meet people in toongabbie/wenty area

Hi jane and everyone I live in Seven Hills (Toongabbie side) and would also love to meet up with everyone. I'm 26 yrs old and have a 21 mth old boy, Nicholas and a 2 mth old girl, Annaliese. sama...

Saturday 19 February 10:54pm

Jax replied to topic Love to make new friends in Blacktown area

Hi guys I too am from the area - Seven Hills- and have a 21 month old boy and an 8 week old little girl. Happy to meet you guys

Saturday 19 February 10:39pm

Jax started new topic Go with your instincts...

Hi all I had my 2 children at Westmead hospital and both times, I felt like the midwives didn't listen to what I was telling them. With my 1st birth, I went into hospital and was out on a monito...

Saturday 19 February 10:29pm

Jax replied to topic Due 1st March 05, 2nd Pregnancy & PETRIFIED!!

Hi Belinda I too was sooo scared of my 2nd labour as my 1st involved fainting, forced epidural, failed vontuse, episiotomy, forceps and post partum bleeding, 10 litres of saline thru a drip on 1 ar...

Saturday 19 February 09:52pm

Jax replied to topic Head Banging

I spoke to my family doctor as well as searched through the internet for this topic and everyone said the same thing - ignore it. It says to either move them to a soft area and allow them to contin...

Thursday 17 February 02:09pm

Jax replied to topic 16 month old still not walking!

I too agree with the fisher price walker - I found it to be a huge factor in my son Nicholas walking unassisted at 9.5 months. We also used to hold his hands and help him walk also, but I think th...

Saturday 12 February 11:22pm

Jax replied to topic Head Banging

Hi Victoria Thanks for the words of reassurance. I guess this sounds bad, but I'm kind of glad someone else is going through it and has been told the same thing that I have. He is actually doing ...

Saturday 12 February 09:07am

Jax replied to topic When to stop?

I also have this same problem where my 20 month old treats his bottle like a dummy. Whenever he is tired, whingy etc he crys for his bottle to settle him down. I take most of the blame as he was ...

Monday 31 January 11:45pm

Jax replied to topic Pregnant with number 2 need advice with toddler

Hi I had my daughter Annaliese 6 weeks ago and also have a 20 month old boy, Nicholas. He never really showed too much jealously before she came along as my husband and I purposly used other new b...

Sunday 30 January 11:44am

Jax started new topic Head Banging

I have a 20 month old, Nicholas who has combined banging his head with the tantrums. He will either throw his body on the floor and bank his forehead, or do the reverse. He also stands against a...

Sunday 30 January 11:29am

Jax replied to topic the loss of my 3 year old boy Levi

You are in my prayers and thoughts.

Sunday 30 January 11:11am

Jax replied to topic When should I expect to be visibly pregnant?

Hi guys I too am 3 months pregnant with my second child and look around 6 months pregnant! I panicked at the beginning thinking I may have twins (as they run in the family) but the 1st ultrasound ...

Friday 11 June 01:53pm

Jax replied to topic Starting to throw tantrums - HELP!!!

Hi Helen & Calli You guys have taken the words right out of my mouth!! I also, like you Calli, worked in a Bank as a PA to a Senior Manager and always thought that I love this job, the people, my...

Thursday 29 April 02:58pm

Jax replied to topic money saving ideas!

Hey Steph Thanks for the offer - I'd also like to see a copy of this book - sounds interesting. My email address is: [email protected] You probably didn't think so many people would ...

Saturday 28 February 10:24pm
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