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pips replied to topic miscarriage

Oh, and congratulations for having the courage to try again so soon!

Sunday 14 September 07:34pm

pips replied to topic miscarriage

I've lost two in a row, both at 10 weeks. The second time was harder to deal with than the first, but I live in hope for the next time. I found it helped to read about other women's experiences (I ...

Sunday 14 September 07:33pm

pips replied to topic Vaginal birth after a caesarean

Hi marti, I too had an emerg. caesar after 20+ hours of labour. It ain't much fun is it? I haven't had another child yet, but my sister in law who had the same circumstances as us for her first had...

Sunday 14 September 07:28pm

pips replied to topic 1st time alone and scared

Don't be scared. There are so many women out there who have nobody but themselves and the baby thats growing inside of them. Rely on your family and friends as much as you need to. They will give y...

Sunday 14 September 07:19pm

pips replied to topic cant toilet train my 3yr old

I wonder if he would respond to the big boy strategy. Basically, you don't baby him about the whole thing, but just let him take a bit of responsibility for himself. A child this age can realise th...

Sunday 14 September 06:59pm

pips replied to topic working mum

Hi Caz, I guess we have a few similarities. I'm new to this as well. I have a 3yr old, am studying and working whenever I can. I understand the sleep deprivation, I have been working since my son w...

Sunday 14 September 06:50pm

pips replied to topic Oprah!

I think a lot of it comes down to money and the "american dream" which creates false and unrealistic expectations. Over here we just get on with raising our families and trying to be good parents -...

Sunday 14 September 06:42pm
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