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crethar started new topic CVS

Hi, I am 13 wks pregnant with number 3. My nuchal bloods put me at high risk of T13 and T18. I had a CVS last week and so far it shows that the baby is fine. However, doctor has said that the baby ...

Wednesday 18 February 06:27pm

crethar replied to topic What highchair would you recommend?

Ikea all the way

Saturday 17 January 12:51am

crethar started new topic Refusing the breast

I was breast & bottle feeding my 4 month old until about 1 month ago. I started giving her more bottle (formula) as my breast were painfully ful and leaking. I'm now trying to encourage her to take...

Tuesday 10 April 08:39pm

crethar started new topic When Did Your Baby Crawl?

Hi there My 7 month old has just learned to roll over on to her tummy but cannot roll back. She gets very frustrated at this. When she is on her tummy, she can push herself up for a few seconds an...

Wednesday 14 September 08:10pm

crethar started new topic New Cucumber & Aloe Vera Wipes

Hi all I can't seem to find the new Huggies Cucumber & Aloe Vera wipes anywhere. Has anyone found them? They don't seem to be at my coles or Woolies.....?

Thursday 08 September 03:25am

crethar replied to topic How Many Dads Change Pooey Nappies??

My partner went and got a mask from Bunnings. Pack of 2 for $6. You can't smell anything and he uses them every time there is a pooey nappy. Worth getting one!

Saturday 03 September 09:13am

crethar replied to topic Eczema on 9 month old

My 6.5 month old had terrible excema also. I changed her formula from S26 to Karicare and it almost completely disappeared. I also tried the moo goo and paw paw ointment prior to that so i feel you...

Saturday 03 September 09:11am

crethar replied to topic bananas to help constipation?

Hi there, I'm an RN and I can tell you now Prune juice and/or pear juice is the way to go. I puree fruit for my little girl and occasionally have to give her some prune juice with water as her liqu...

Saturday 03 September 09:05am

crethar replied to topic 7 months old and still not rolling...

My little girl is 6.5 months and only just rolled on to her belly. She can't roll back on to her back. She first sat before 5 months old. Her cousin was crawling before he rolled. All babies are di...

Saturday 03 September 08:59am

crethar replied to topic Anyone live in Upper Coomera area?

I use to live there. It is a nice 'new' area, but has had a lot of drug busts. It is an area highly populated with NZ Maori folk (unsure why, but it is!) I have friends that live there and they sen...

Wednesday 31 August 11:37am

crethar replied to topic Questions about baltic amber necklace for teething.

I got one for my baby girl a couple of months back from after being sworn a success from my friends who are mothers. My little girl (6.5 months corrected) still has no ...

Wednesday 31 August 11:31am

crethar replied to topic concerned

My little girl, 9 months started drinking a lot less the more she ate. My paed tells me this is normal, but they should still drink between 400-600mL/day. I would include fluid from fruit etc with ...

Wednesday 31 August 11:27am

crethar replied to topic How heavy was you baby at 4 months?

Wouldn't worry about it. My girl was 9.5kg as 4 months. She's now 9 months & nearly 12kg! She was 3 months premmie so I go by her "corrected" age. She eats well and is healthy. My paediatrician tel...

Wednesday 31 August 11:22am

crethar replied to topic How close in age are your 1st and 2nd?

My eldest was born in Dec 2010 but actually due Feb 2011. She was a fertility baby. Then - when she was 3 months old I fell pregnant naturally! So now, her little sister is due on her 1st birthday!...

Tuesday 30 August 04:22am

crethar replied to topic feb 2011

My little Charlotte was due Feb 18th but came December 4th! She is big & healthy. She has been eating solids since late April as milk was no longer filling her. I started with farex and now she eat...

Tuesday 30 August 04:16am

crethar replied to topic adult weet bix for 8month

I was feeding my 6 month old adult weetbix until I found the kids one. It has less salt and more iron & calcium & she loves it. I mix it with lite cows milk. She eats 2 for breakfast and 2 for dinn...

Tuesday 30 August 04:12am

crethar replied to topic High temps-is it teething?

Just read your update - 40.2! Jee whiz! Definitely something other than teething! Good on you for following your instincts.

Tuesday 30 August 04:10am

crethar replied to topic High temps-is it teething?

Hi there, I'm an RN and generally if the patient has a fever, panadol will bring it down. But after it has worn off, the fever will usually return within a day or two - not a week. I agree with the...

Tuesday 30 August 04:09am

crethar replied to topic 9mth old waking at 5am...what could i try??

Hi ladies I too am having the same issue with my 6 month old. She goes to sleep about 7pm. I give her a dream feed at 10.30pm. She wakes at 3am when I feed her again, then wakes at 5am AGAIN! Rath...

Saturday 04 June 12:03am

crethar replied to topic Clomid Mummies

I did 3 cycles of clomid and had the sweats and headaches. I started on 75mg and went to 100mg. Your FS should be organising your bloods for you. I didn't grow any large folicles on any of my cycle...

Friday 03 June 11:57pm
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