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Toadflax replied to topic LEAKING NAPPIES

We have been using Huggies since my son was born (he turned 2 last month), for both day and night nappies. We had the odd leak but it was very rare. We have used the "next size up" at night since h...

Friday 17 June 01:15pm

Toadflax replied to topic Pnuemococcal Imunisation

It has been mentioned in the forum that it wasn't "fair" that Aboriginal children received the pneumococcal vaccine for free. I would recommend viewing the Govt health website http://immunise.healt...

Friday 12 December 08:11pm

Toadflax replied to topic Feeding solids to 6 month Old

My son Felix is also just over 6 months old, and he eats wide variety of things - we haven't used much tinned baby food as I tend to make a batch of homemade and freeze it. For breakfast, generally...

Friday 12 December 02:06pm
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