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camandbec replied to topic new mum wanting email penpal

Hi cezbear, I no longer live in the Auckland area (although I still remember the area well), I moved back to Aust. in 2000, with my now husband. All of his family still live there, from Ferry Lan...

Monday 26 January 10:58pm

camandbec replied to topic Excessive Crying with Mom

Hi GeelongDad, I'm assuming that your from Geelong, Victoria, if so this might be some help (although other areas will have simler things). Barwon Health have got a "sleep school". Early parenti...

Monday 26 January 11:38am

camandbec replied to topic INDUCTION...

I was induced 2 weeks after Cameron was due. I was a bit naive really, I thought that I would have the prosten gel and then I would go into Day 1 (wed) 9am prosten gel, 2pm more gel...

Friday 16 January 08:28pm

camandbec replied to topic scared of labour

I gave birth to our son 3 1/2 months ago so it's not like I'm going to have another just yet, but I'm scared about it already. I was induced because Cameron was 2weeks late, and I found it sooo qu...

Friday 16 January 08:08pm

camandbec replied to topic MOTHER-IN-LAWS

My mother in law lives in New Zealand, so I don't really have a lot to do with her. She did travel over here just after the birth of our son Cameron in September, but she was only here for a week....

Thursday 08 January 08:40pm

camandbec replied to topic Finger sucker

Hi, it's amazing how many babies are born sep / oct time of year. I think Cameron is also started teething, he has little white marks in his gums, and is dribbling heaps. Its so hard to tell some...

Tuesday 06 January 09:14pm

camandbec replied to topic Finger sucker

Hi Stephie, Thanks for replying, it's good to know there are other babies out there that suck their fingers, all the other babies in our mothers don't do it. Our little ones are a week apart...wo...

Saturday 13 December 08:54pm

camandbec started new topic Finger sucker

Hi everyone, I've got a 11week old son (our first child) and he sucks his fingers. He sucks them when he's happy, sad, hungry or not hungry, he has also started to try and put them in when he's fe...

Saturday 13 December 03:59pm

camandbec replied to topic 4 month old with sweaty feet

Hi, I thought it was strange my little man's got sweaty feet so young, they are usually cool as well even if he has got booties on, I just thought it was just him, I'm glad it's not. Thanks for ope...

Wednesday 10 December 10:20pm

camandbec replied to topic Nappies

Hello, Your baby will be almost due by now. We get factory seconds nappies small (up to 6kg) is $29.95 for 132, so it works out ok. We go through 35 - 40 a week. On average we use 1 nappy per fe...

Wednesday 10 December 10:08pm
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