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I'm a single parent at the moment (ex DP and I split last November), and I just couldnt afford to take any time off without pay. I only work part time, so my daughter goes to Vacation Care and she loves it. A couple of her friends from school go there, and this coming holidays her 2 cousins are going to be joining her for 2 days. They are going to a Play Cafe, A Teddy Bears Picnic, Bowling/Putt Putt Golf, and one more think that I can't remember. You get CCB for it and also qualify for the CCR every 3 months (or whenever your receive it). I also help my sister out on the days I dont work (she works 3-4 days a week), so I have her girls over at my place on a day I'm home but she has to work.

I have just recently put on a lay-by the EzyCombo Convertible Booster (8-26kg)..for $200 (usually sells for $250) doesnt have an adjustable head rest, but the seat is actually taller than the current seat when the theh ead is fully extended. I tried my 7 year old out in the EzyCombo and she had heaps of room left before she would outgrow it.

Ishould say, mine is without any rent assistance, as I have a mortgage.

almost $500 a week? well i take it that not everyone gets the same single parenting payments either! i dont bring in almost 500 a week im lucky to get 650 a fortnight WITH my tax benefits and i dont work also! Unless your ex is paying you quite a bit in Child Support, I'd say there is something wrong with your payments then, as you should definitely be getting more than $650 a fortnight if you ARENT working at ALL. Your family Tax Benefit does depend on how many children you have, and is reduced when you start receiving child support also. I work 2 days a week, and I still get about $600 a fortnight from Centrelink for Parenting Payment Single and Family Tax Benefit (I have 2 children).

I put both my girls in their cots awake right from whenI first bought them home. By 6 weeks, they were both falling asleep of their own accord with no intervention. There was by no means any 'letting them cry it out' or whatever you want to call it. It was just a matter of looking for their tired signs and knowing when to put them down. I was very lucky in that both my girls slept like clockwork when they were babies so it was very easy to know when they were tired and due for another sleep.

I'm pretty sure they don't have to pay you out an official redundancy. What you are entitled to is any leave or long service leave that you accrued but not used. So if you have 3 weeks of annual leave owing to you, you would receive the the $ amount of that.

My daugther (now aged 7) went through this stage. She wouldn't any any vegies other than mashed potato. I would add cauliflower to the mashed potato, just mashed it in with it and she never knew. With pasta I would grate carrot and then chop it up a bit smaller, again she never noticed. During this time (it went on for a good year), I still put vegies on her place, peas, corn, carrot, broccoli, cauli et. and eventually she started tasting them. Broccoli was the first thing she would eat, and after that she started tasted others as well. Happy to say that now at aged 7 she LOVES her vegies and doesnt really say no to anything anymore. Just keep persisting and offering them to them. If they see you eating them as well, they are more inclined to at least try them. If they are old enuf to understand..make a 'deal' with them. Instead of eating everything on the plate, just eat "this much" and that is whatever portion of vegies you have moved aside. They think they are winning' ...

I separated from my parnter last November. I stayed in the house and he moved out. Yes it is hard work, and can be lonely sometimes. I have a good group of friends and family close by to help when I need it as well, which is good. In regards to money you will be entitled to Parenting Payment Single. You will get the full amount of that unless you work. You can earn a certain amount before you PPS is reduced. You will also receive Family Tax A and B. You will get the Full Amount of B, and a reduced amount of A depending on how much Child Support (if any) the ex pays. If he doesnt pay CS then you will get the full amount of A. I work 15 hours a week, and get paid fortnightly for that. I then get my PPS and FTB the following week. It is enough to live on, you just need to make sure you manage it properly. Good luck with whatever you do.

My sister just replaced the battery in her car last week after she got stuck at my place. To buy one from the RAA (she is a member) was going to cost her $170..she rang our mechanic (who is brilliant) and he had one in stock for her at $100. We picked it up (in my car obviously) and the RAA installed it for free. So yeah I think that price is a bit dear. There car is a v6 Commodore so it wasnt a small battery either. Comes with a 2 year warranty as well.

I was 15 when I started Year 12 and turned 16 in the Feb. I started work a month before my 17th birthday. I don't think 17 is too young at all to be doing Year 12. What if you hold them back, and then later on down the track they have to repeat a year, then they would end up being 19 and doing year 12. At least if they are 17, they dont have the added thing of being 18 and being allowed out in pubs/clubs to drink etc. They can just concentrate on their studies. I'm not saying that 17 year olds dont drink etc..but theyre probably less inclined to head out for a night in town if they are underage?