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Ive bought one for my almost 3 year old daughter for her birthday (the week after Easter). I think she will love it. My eldest daughter (just turned 8) has had a play with it and thinks its great. Some of the games will be a little too hard for the 3 year old, but there are still plenty of things she can do on there. She also loves taking photos so witht he inbuilt camera, it means (hopefully) she will leave my phone alone

Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 - Mmmmmmmm

My daughter turned 8 last week, and she is only 25kg, she has had a tiny frame since she was born (6lb 3), she can pretty much eat whatever she wants without gaining too much weight. I still make sure she eats healthy though as I dont want to teach her bad habits. She is thin, but she doesnt look underweight or sickly or anything.

microsoft Publisher is great for stuff like that, it has templates you can use, or even alter if you dont quite like the design. Very simple and easy to use as well

I actually think they are pretty basic, and not all that exciting. You basically get a meal and a play on the playground, and they provide a cake. Depends what time of day you go as to how many other kids are there. you get a separate room to sit in but the playground is a free for all

pasta, rice and taco's all come equal top

I get all my music from You tube and use to convert the URL into a file. Easy as and free

My eldest daughter didnt walk on her own until 19 months, so I definitely know where you are coming from? I got asked that many times "Is she still not walking" it was ridiculous. Got to the point where it was making me feel like there was something wrong with her, even though there wasnt. She just needed extra confidence in walking on her own. I always looked at it the time they go to school, they are all walking, toilet trained, have no dummies, eating solid foods, all talking etc, that it really doesnt matter at what age they do it at..sadly not everyone thinks like that and some mums think its a competition to see whose bub can do what first.

I use Paw Paw ointment, both my girls (almost 8 and almost 3) have come up with big massive welts from Mozzies. Miss almost 8 has grown out of it, so hoping Miss almost 3 does the same thing.

I bought one thing from Big W online and it was delivered about a month ago. I received an email one morning saying it was at a warehouse and it had a tracking number, and it came that day. So I was very happy with the service. Feel sorry for those that have been affected by the mess ups and for the kiddies that will miss out on some of their xmas presents because of it.