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Amylee2 started new topic Just moved interstate. Hubby hates it

Hi, My husband and I and our 2 young kids have moved interstate not even a month ago and my DH says he hates it here. It was a mutual decision to move to our current location so that we would have...

Thursday 10 September 03:16am

Amylee2 started new topic Middle name for Grace

Hi, If we have a girl my partner and i really want to call her Grace.Our first daughters middle name has a reference to me and we would like to do the same if we have another girl. which of the fo...

Tuesday 28 August 10:10am

Amylee2 replied to topic Which name? Please help! :)

Paige is a beautiful name, my daughter's name is Paige and her middle name is May. What about Paige Jayda?

Friday 18 May 10:36am

Amylee2 replied to topic What do you think of the Name Jude?

i like Jude for a boy, as mention above with the middle name Taylor.Jude taylor sounds nice

Monday 08 November 06:03am

Amylee2 started new topic middle name for paige

my partner and i have chosen the name Paige if we have a girl but are a little stuck on middle names ideas are Paige Lee Paige May we have a long last name and would like a middle name with mea...

Sunday 07 November 12:37pm

Amylee2 replied to topic Baby Girl's Name

eva lea ( i like it spelled lee )

Sunday 07 November 12:04pm

Amylee2 replied to topic ripping my hair out and want to cry!!!

whats to say when/if your friend does have a girl that she will still want to use amelia as a middle name. by then she may have changed her mind. i think you should use it if that is the name that ...

Sunday 07 November 11:54am

Amylee2 started new topic amy likes Ava, Adele or Grace. What do you think?

[img] I've searched through Huggies' Baby Names and I've finally shortlisted my favourites. But I need your help to choose the best! I can't decid...

Wednesday 27 October 09:54am
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