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mum2girls replied to topic How to cope with accidents to your child

Hi, My daughter broke her leg at 21 months - tripping over the garden hose. We had 5 weeks of her with her leg in a cast, with the looks and comments of other people - particularly about how small...

Saturday 22 April 08:51pm

mum2girls replied to topic Home/Daycare change in routine for long days out dilema!

My eldest started daycare at 10.5 mnths, the youngest at 1. I was worried about their routines before they started, but found both quickly settled in, and found new routines that worked. They are...

Saturday 01 April 08:42pm

mum2girls replied to topic when to 'go again'??

My girls are 25 months apart - the eldest turns 4 in December and the other 2 in January. As the youngest one is getting to the age where she can actively play with her sister, things have been ge...

Tuesday 01 November 02:52pm

mum2girls started new topic broken leg - how do I keep her occupied

My 21 month old, very active daughter has just broken her leg. She is in a full leg plaster and is not allowed to walk for 4-6 weeks. Any suggestions on how to keep her occupied would be greatly ...

Monday 17 October 06:09pm

mum2girls replied to topic BAD ROUTINE-HELP!!!!!

Depending on where you live, you could try one of the mothercraft hospitals such as tresillian - (I know the one in the ACT takes kids up to 3 years old). They could help with developing a bedtim...

Wednesday 13 April 02:03pm

mum2girls replied to topic Night terrors

Hi, My eldest daughter had night terrors from about 2-2.5 years (they started at the same time we had our second child). She also started having nightmares and sleep walking. She had always been...

Wednesday 13 April 01:53pm

mum2girls replied to topic does not like vegies

The only way I could get my eldest to eat vegies when she was young was to mix them with pureed fruit. As she got older she also liked white sauce with them - you can make this with formula or mil...

Wednesday 02 February 11:08am

mum2girls replied to topic Your Safety Tips

Make it a habit to always take a hot drink with you when you leave a room and put it at the back of the kitchen bench so it is out of reach - even if you are leaving another adult in the room. We a...

Wednesday 02 February 10:50am

mum2girls replied to topic Starting Day Care Jitters HELP!!!

My eldest started day care 5 days a week at 10 months as I had to return to work. She was very happy and settled there, and enjoyed going each day - sometimes she would tell me she was too busy to...

Sunday 30 January 02:00pm

mum2girls replied to topic January 2004 babies

Happy Birthday to all the new 1 year olds. My daughter is another January baby, turning one last week. She now has 4 teeth, with a fifth almost through. She loves her solids, but is not that inte...

Sunday 30 January 01:24pm

mum2girls replied to topic Bottles

I'm still warming milk (in cups not bottles) to room temperature for my 3 year old - as I find that is the only way she will drink it - she has about 300ml a day if it is warmed, but is lucky to ha...

Sunday 30 January 12:53pm

mum2girls replied to topic Sitting Up

My daughter is 12 months old, and doesn't like sitting - she was 11.5 months before we could even get her to sit in her pram, or high chair. If we try to place her in a sitting position she just a...

Sunday 30 January 12:45pm

mum2girls replied to topic Just Wondering about being induced????

I was induced at 39 weeks with my second due to high blood pressure. The Dr was concerned about my blood pressure about 4 days earlier and was talking of inducing then. However an internal showed...

Saturday 15 January 11:21pm

mum2girls replied to topic Chicken Pox vaccine

Hi, My eldest daughter had the vaccine at 12 months - it wasn't on the schedule so we had to pay for it (about $60-$70). I've since been told by the child health nurse that it is recommended that...

Thursday 13 January 04:13pm

mum2girls replied to topic Constipation

I have a similar problem with my almost 9 month old. I've also been trying coloxyl, prune juice and suppositries. The only way she seems to go at all without the suppositries is to eliminate all ...

Wednesday 13 October 10:43pm

mum2girls replied to topic Your Dental Care Tips

I found that the only way to get my daughter to open up her mouth to brush her teeth is to sit her with me in front of a mirror, and then we both brush our teeth at the same time - she immitates ev...

Wednesday 13 October 10:17pm

mum2girls replied to topic Formula Help

I've used a partially hydrolised formula with both of mine. They both had silent reflux while being breast fed. When I switched to a normal formula with the eldest she vomited most of every feed....

Wednesday 13 October 09:45pm

mum2girls replied to topic Gestational diabetes

It's good to hear that Practical Parenting will be doing a story on gestational diabetes, as when I was diagnosed with it during my first pregnancy I found it difficult to find much information on ...

Monday 11 October 10:15pm

mum2girls replied to topic Whats your 8 month old bub up too!!

Hi, My little girl has just turned 8 months. She has learnt to roll in the last week (she started rolling from her front to back at 7 weeks, but then stopped, and has only just started again). N...

Saturday 25 September 09:21pm

mum2girls replied to topic Ideas of clothes to wear until you are really showing

Hi, I used the belly belt for a little while, but it wasn't long until I grew out of that. I was very large with both of mine, to the point where I was told by staff at maternity shops that given...

Saturday 11 September 07:57pm
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