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bluegirl replied to topic WARNING X rated

My baby is nearly 6 months and I'm only just starting to get my libido back a bit. I had a botched episiotomy that has left me very sore for a LONG time, so that put me off - almost like being a v...

Friday 13 February 07:14pm

bluegirl replied to topic Increasing meals

Thanks Tracey. I've found loads of information about starting and what to give etc, but nothing about increasing! I'll give it a go and see how we go! Erin

Saturday 31 January 09:32am

bluegirl started new topic Increasing meals

I have a 5 month old baby who has been on solids a good 6 weeks. he loves every thing I give him and is slowly eating more and more, but is still only on one meal a day. How do you know when to i...

Friday 30 January 09:26am

bluegirl started new topic Travelling with baby

I'm heading over to Ireland later this year from New Zealand with a (will be) 7 or 8 month old baby. I'm keen to hear from any one who has travlled long haul with a baby. How did you get on, what...

Friday 30 January 09:13am
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