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Chrisitne replied to topic ceasarean - epidural or general?

Hi I've had two ceasareans. My first was horrific. I don't remember much for the first two days and what I do remember was feeling extremely sick. I had an epi and spinal for both which meant I ha...

Wednesday 02 November 06:20pm

Chrisitne replied to topic Spotting early on in Pregnancy

Hi I am now pregnant with my third. I had spotting/bleeding during all 3 pregnancies. All three times occured roughly when my periods would have been due for the first 3-4 months. My first pregnanc...

Wednesday 02 November 01:37pm

Chrisitne replied to topic Disappointed at baby's sex & feeling very guilty!

Hi I know how you feel too. But it's a little bit diifferent. I have two very beautiful but active boys and always thought I wanted a girl. I didn't find out the sex of our second and was still de...

Wednesday 02 November 01:23pm

Chrisitne replied to topic baby wont go to sleep without blanket on face

Hi Both me and my sister had babies that needed a blanket over their face. People often stopped us out in public unaware that this was our only saviour to sleep deprivation. They too started arou...

Sunday 31 October 07:10pm

Chrisitne replied to topic Screaming day & night-everything medical ruled out inc. colic

Hello You brought tears to my eyes as you brought back memories for me. I too had a baby that cried day and night, wouldn't feed properly and didn't smile until he was three months. None of the s...

Saturday 23 October 07:14pm

Chrisitne started new topic Tired and cranky at 5am

I have an 11 mth old who finally sleeps through the night but wakes at 5 am screaming every morning, which in turn wakes my 2 1/2 year old. My husband is up at this time getting ready for work, he ...

Saturday 23 October 06:49pm
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