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Taz replied to topic I'm new at this!

Hi Melaynie, Great to hear from you. Nash is eating solids and has been since about 3 1/2 months. I do try him on different things occasionally but I haven't really been too creative so far! He usu...

Sunday 21 September 09:23pm

Taz replied to topic How do I attach a rusk?

Hi Ange, my son is six months old and I have exactly the same problem with rusks (and he was getting really frustrated), but yes the good old Arnotts Milk Arrowroot works for us. He loves them and ...

Friday 12 September 08:58pm

Taz replied to topic baby won't take bottle - help!

My son who is six months old also does not like the bottle, but besides all the other suggestions here, I have also found that he tends to have more of a go at it if my husband tries him with the b...

Tuesday 09 September 08:42pm

Taz replied to topic New mum

Hi Bec, I'm also a new mum to a six month old baby boy and yes I find myself prepared to talk the ears off anyone who'll listen about him. They just amaze you...and until you've had one you can't b...

Tuesday 09 September 08:18pm

Taz replied to topic Bowel Movements

Hi Jo, It's apple and prune juice(Heinz) that I give my 6mth old son and you can buy it either diluted(ready to drink) or concentrated and you mix it 50/50 with boiled water(I actually mix it a bit...

Monday 08 September 09:16pm

Taz replied to topic I'm new at this!

Hi Jodi, No Nash isn't short for's just the only boys name that hubby and I could agree on. It is not common at all though, we couldn't even find a meaning for it on the net but we bot...

Friday 05 September 08:41pm

Taz started new topic I'm new at this!

Hi, Just like to introduce myself...I'm 30 and a first time mum to six month old Nash, and loving it. Currently living in Tassie, just over half way thru a 3 yr stay for my hubbys' work. Used to li...

Wednesday 03 September 08:33pm
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