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babyjams replied to topic WHEN DO BABIES START TO TEETHE ?

Hi, it definately sounds like teething but it doesn't mean that there will be any teeth soon!! These symptoms can go on for months I'm afraid! My son (who is now 5) cracked his first tooth at 4.5...

Tuesday 13 January 01:41am

babyjams replied to topic Dad don't want no more!

Hi, I am pretty sure that your partner is probably feeling a bit left out at the moment. You guys are both young but regardless of your age when you bring a new baby into a relationship roles are ...

Tuesday 13 January 01:20am

babyjams replied to topic formulas

Hi mum78, both my kids started on S-26 for comp feeds and then I put them on to SMA which is made by Wyeth (same company that make S26) and it is basically the same formula for about $5 a tin cheap...

Sunday 11 January 01:20am

babyjams replied to topic Dropping night feed

Hi, I too have a six month old, daughter Jamieson. I have been trying to get her to sleep through for the last month. I am feeding her but have started to give her a bottle in the evening. She go...

Sunday 11 January 12:48am
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