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bugsy replied to topic Baby Names Your opinions wanted

All of these are suggestions for choosing the right name is great and should definately be considered, but just because you like the name doesn't mean it will suit him. I chose 3 names for my son ...

Tuesday 09 December 11:06pm

bugsy replied to topic PUPPS

If it is a rash... a great relief for any rash is teatree oil, rub it in and wait for the relief to follow, it only takes a few minutes, not even that. I had bad shaeffing between my thighs when I...

Tuesday 09 December 10:45pm

bugsy replied to topic Young Mums

Hi all. My name is Susan, I live in Caboolture QLD. I have a partner (Mark) of 5 years, a son Zachary who is 3 years and 5 months and a Daughter Jaymie who is 18 months. My son was born in 6 hour...

Tuesday 09 December 10:40pm

bugsy replied to topic THINKING OF A HOMEBIRTH?

I always thought to have a home birth. When I had my son I was so glad I didn't. My pregnancy was the best and my labour only 6 hours (shorter with my daughter). My son came out not breathing and...

Tuesday 09 December 10:14pm

bugsy replied to topic Post Episiotomy Love Life?!

Has your Doctor said anything about it??

Tuesday 09 December 10:08pm

bugsy replied to topic names? anything different? I don't have a clue.

Why not Dawson?? Because of Dawsons Creek, the show?? I think if you like it and it suits the baby when he's born, bugger everyone else. Choose a few names you like to work with when Baby is born-...

Tuesday 09 December 10:04pm

bugsy replied to topic Any ideas to start the labour

Ditto. I was 2 weeks late for my son, they were going to induce me the following week if I didn't give birth before. The Doctor suggested having more frequent sex... doesn't have to be long but he...

Tuesday 09 December 09:52pm

bugsy replied to topic full of questions

With the sleeping thing, I tried heaps of things, in the end it was a small flat pillow that filled all the gaps between belly and mattress thet did the trick. Fiddle around until you get the righ...

Tuesday 02 December 12:06pm

bugsy replied to topic PRESSURE

Towards the end of both my pregnancies I had the very same pressure- I was told it was the baby in perfect position ready for the trip out of town (if you know what I mean) and can be moving around...

Tuesday 02 December 11:48am

bugsy replied to topic Finding out the sex of your baby

Hi all. I wanted to find out the sex for my first because I really wanted a boy (sorry if that sounds mean) I wouldn't have been dissapointed if it wasn't a boy but just had a feeling. Not to ment...

Tuesday 02 December 11:41am

bugsy replied to topic Young mum to be,(26weeks pregnant)

Ditto to the post above me. It is almost painfree as soon as baby is in your arms.. all the anxiety, fright and pain just drift away as you see baby for the first time.. you don't know if you want ...

Tuesday 02 December 11:24am

bugsy replied to topic premmie baby 14 weeks too early

I hate to see those poor little precious babies in those great huge humidicribs- I don't know how you parents can handle it. It is great to hear that your little one is doing so good... prayers to ...

Tuesday 02 December 11:10am

bugsy replied to topic I am scared of going into labour

Good on you Ruby, that is exactly the way you should be at this late stage in your pregnancy- though it is scarier with your first- I was also scared with my second but everything turned out ok. Wh...

Tuesday 02 December 11:02am

bugsy replied to topic castor oil does it really bring on labour????

Someone asked this question at my first birthing class when I was pregnant with my son- the midwife said that in majority of cases Castor oil just gives you terrible cramps and the runs for a few d...

Tuesday 02 December 10:56am

bugsy replied to topic still in mum and dad,s bed

I got my son out of sleeping with us by letting him fall asleep in our bed, then moving him. we used to just tell him it was bed time and he'd toddle off to bed on his own (after hugs and kisses), ...

Tuesday 02 December 01:00am

bugsy replied to topic How to get a 17month old to sleep past 4.00am!!!

Have you asked the daycare to keep him (Caleb) up as long as possible, ask them to try an afternoon sleep instead, that way he will be awake a bit longer in the night and hopefully wake up later in...

Tuesday 02 December 12:52am

bugsy replied to topic When to toilet train??

Hi all!! My son is nearly 3 and a half years old. When he started showing interest we used to put him on the potty while we were on the toilet and we'd share the time talking about doing wees and p...

Tuesday 02 December 12:22am

bugsy replied to topic night nappies

My nearly 3 1/2 yr old did really well going to bed with no nappy on for the first 3 months without wetting the bed once. Now I have put him into nappies again because he started wetting the bed- 3...

Monday 01 December 11:42pm
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