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kadesmum replied to topic Use of dummies

Hi I too have a child who is addicted to his dummy. he was only using it to settle for his daytime sleep and we did manage to get him to give it up when he was 2 because I forgot to send it to dayc...

Wednesday 15 September 10:54pm

kadesmum replied to topic tantrums

Thanks to everyone who has sent advice on dealing with tantrums. We have tried many of the suggestions received and I'm happy to say we have been having some success. Kade is now 2 years old and is...

Monday 29 December 10:13pm

kadesmum replied to topic tantrums

Hi Peta, Thanks for your reply. I'ts good to know I'm not the only one with a "terrible two" I would love to find out more about food intolerances. My son Kade is not a very good eater at the best ...

Friday 24 October 11:06pm

kadesmum started new topic tantrums

Hi my name is Caroline and I have a 22 month old son Kade. He is a very independent little boy who likes to do things for himself. When we go out he always wants to walk by himself and won't hold m...

Tuesday 07 October 10:54pm
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