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DanniK started new topic Pain during breastfeeding

Wondering if anyone can help. I'm breastfeeding twin boys at the moment (13 wks old) and I'm finding it quite painful at times. If I hadn't breastfed my daughter for 12 months without it hurtin...

Saturday 30 October 09:24pm

DanniK replied to topic How long til your period returns?

Hmmmm alll I can say is damn you are lucky. My period returned 7wks after my first born and I thought I'd have more luck with my second ... as I am also breastfeeding twins. With the twins, I b...

Saturday 30 October 09:03pm

DanniK started new topic Exhausted with 3 mnth twin boys

Wondering if there were any mums with twins that might be able to help. I'm currently breastfeeding my beautiful boys. They generally wake 1 -2 times a night and the majority of times I can get b...

Saturday 30 October 08:51pm

DanniK replied to topic Reflux baby

Hi Auntymum I have twin boys with mild reflux and I've found several things to be helpful ... * elevate the mattress/bed to 30degrees. Ensure you have bed logs (rolled up thick nappies) immediat...

Saturday 30 October 08:32pm

DanniK replied to topic TT 2 !/2 Yr old

We were very fortunate with our girl when she started toilet training, but we did find a few things helpful. * Toilet training success went in phases. We would have a run of no accidents and th...

Saturday 30 October 08:26pm
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