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Erika M replied to topic Book: Toddler Taming Tips by Dr Christopher Green

You could also try "How babies think" by Alison Gopnik, Andrew Meltzoff and Patricia Kuhl. It explains what babies are born knowing and how they develop, what they can do at different ages (eg they...

Monday 21 July 02:41pm
Erika M

Erika M replied to topic speaking two languages at home

What you are doing for your kids is great. I am currently doing a masters in Linguistics and there has been plenty of research to support this kind of thing. Does their dad speak spanish as well? I...

Monday 21 July 02:35pm
Erika M

Erika M started new topic breast and bottle refusal

My 7 month old started to refuse the breast about 3 days ago. She is now on formula. The problem is, she only drinks half her morning and evening bottles, and refuses the lunchtime one altogether. ...

Saturday 19 July 02:57pm
Erika M

Erika M started new topic sick while breastfeeding

My daughter is almost 7mths and is on 3 solid meals and 3 breastfeeds a day. At the moment we are both sick with a pretty yukky cold. Can I take cold and flu tablets while I am breastfeeding? I kno...

Tuesday 15 July 07:55am
Erika M

Erika M replied to topic Food Ideas for a 6mth old???

my baby is almost 7 months old and eats everything we eat (with less chilli). I just cut up whatever we are having for dinner into small pieces and feed it to her. Makes it much more convenient tha...

Tuesday 15 July 07:46am
Erika M
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