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kazz30 replied to topic my best friend is ttc after two miscarriages

Hi Megan, I hope you are still here. I too suffered 2 miscarriages. (Sept 04 & just recentley March 05 ~Matthew~ @ 18 weeks) My heart goes out to your friend. It is hard when her DH won't go for t...

Saturday 28 May 06:03pm

kazz30 replied to topic 2 yr old boy who doesn't talk yet

Hi Carolyn I also have a 2 year old boy who isn't talking as yet. All he says ins daddy and sometimes mummy, but that's it. If you like you can email me at: [email protected] Also I live in ...

Thursday 18 November 09:09pm

kazz30 replied to topic dandenong area

Hi Ann, I live in Springvale, so not too far from Dnadenong. If you would ever like to meet up for a coffee, that would be lovely. Take Care

Thursday 18 November 09:05pm

kazz30 replied to topic MSN

Hi Nadine, You can add me to your contacts if you wish. I'd love to chat [email protected] Take Care

Thursday 17 June 02:03pm

kazz30 replied to topic Not crawling

Hi Sammie, I wouldn't worry as every child is different. Nicholas didn't start crawling until he was 12 months old. When they are ready they will crawl and walk.

Wednesday 26 May 05:15pm

kazz30 replied to topic Trying for 2nd, period was regular now irregular

Hi Melissa, Are under any stress at the moment?? Sometimes that could be the cause of irregular periods. It's totally up to you whether you decide to go the doctors. I have found a couple of good...

Wednesday 26 May 05:07pm

kazz30 replied to topic New member happy single mum of 1

Hi 'Jazsmum', I am not a single mum, but I am a mum of a little boy and if you would like to chat at anytime, that would be lovely. You can email me at [email protected] Take Care

Sunday 16 May 07:17pm

kazz30 replied to topic Nicola

Hey Caryn, Can you say "Hi" to Nicola for me. She can email me at [email protected], that is if she wants to. Thanks

Thursday 13 May 08:33pm

kazz30 started new topic Nicola

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has seen or heard from Nicola. Or Nicola, if you are reading this, how are you?? Is everything Ok?? How are your 3 girls?

Wednesday 12 May 01:16pm

kazz30 replied to topic Baby Walkers

I have a baby walker for Nicholas. It is a 'taxi' one and he loves it because he is able to move around without crawling. I guess the pros are that it teaches them to put their feet flat on the flo...

Sunday 02 May 08:36pm

kazz30 replied to topic cleaning teeth

I have heard you can start now, when they are 12 months old, but preferably when they are at least 2 years old. There was another disscussion about this in another forum. I think it was under 'baby...

Sunday 02 May 08:06am

kazz30 replied to topic Small baby

Hi Alicia, Good luck with the birth of your precious baby. I hope all goes well for you. Nicholas, hubby and I give you big (((((hugs))))) My cousin just gave bith yesterday to a small baby. She ...

Saturday 01 May 03:07pm

kazz30 replied to topic ttc a girl

I have read that if you try 3-4 days before ovulation you may concieve a girl. Apparently female sperm is slower than a male. I don't know if it actually works as I only have a boy myself.

Friday 30 April 04:34pm

kazz30 replied to topic Morning sickness?

Hi Twinkletoes, I feel for you. I had morning sickness when I was pregnant with Nicholas and it lasted all day every day. I was going to take ginger, but I couldn't stand thew smell. Although a fr...

Thursday 29 April 12:31pm

kazz30 replied to topic When is the best time to concieve?

Hi, Go to www.pregnancy I have posted this addy before, but to take the guess work out there is a website that takes out the guess work, of finding out when you are ovulating etc... ...

Wednesday 28 April 07:29am

kazz30 replied to topic 16 month old still not walking!

Hi Lisa, Don't worry if your daughter isn't walking yet. My son, Nicholas is 18 months old and he still isn't walking, well not on his own anyway. He will hold onto furniture and walk around it fo...

Tuesday 27 April 01:57pm

kazz30 replied to topic it wont be starving will it??

Apparently the lemon juice was meant to break them down and the olive oil is meant to coat everything so I would 'pass them out' easier!! Anyway... good luck to you to Sarah and if at time you woul...

Monday 12 April 08:00am

kazz30 replied to topic Flannelette Sheets for Cot

Hi Bron, Flannelette sheets are fine for the cot as far as I know. I use flanelette cots in Nicholas's cot. It keeps him a lot warmer in the cooler months., than the cotton ones.

Friday 09 April 03:00pm

kazz30 replied to topic it wont be starving will it??

Hi again, Sarah Just wondering how were you after the surgery?? Were you in much pain?? We had a friend who is a naturopath & he told me not to have the surgery and recommended I drink 500ml of ol...

Thursday 08 April 02:12pm

kazz30 replied to topic weird question

Hi Amy I am a hairdresser so I can tell you that you can colour your hair while you are pregnant. It won't harm the baby at all. Kirsti was right in when she said your hormones somethimes may alt...

Thursday 08 April 12:44pm
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