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dreamangel replied to topic childhood ezcema

my six month old twins have bad ezcema on their face, neck, underarms, ankles,legs etc I have tried everything too with no progress clean cotton sheets with an alergy free detergent. they wear cott...

Sunday 05 October 11:03am

dreamangel replied to topic heard of Ambrotose and Phyt Aloe fo reflux?

I haven't heard of that product. My twins both have reflux too and still have it at six months the crying goes on and on. The specialist prescribed a tablet called Losec tablets 10 ml gm .It doesnt...

Sunday 05 October 10:44am

dreamangel replied to topic How long on the Jolly Jumper??

I wanted to buy it for my six month old twin boys but i read on the box that they can only use for 10 minutes? so i thought why waste my money. But after reading your veiws i thinking about buying...

Sunday 05 October 10:35am
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