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First off congratulations and hope all goes well. Secondly if you want to try to BF it may not be a disaster this time. My sister in law had to put her DS1 onto a bottle because he was getting REALLY underweight but managed to feed her next one well and has gone onto feed number 3 and 4 as well. If you think the problem could be attachment would you consider seeing a lactation consultant? If you do need a breast pump it takes a little bit of practise to get your let down to happen without baby sucking. It doesn't really matter what type of pump if you can master the let down. If you were planning to express for a while I would suggest hiring an electric pump from ABA or your local chemist to try it out. Electric would be faster if you plan to pump all the time but if you want to express to build milk supply I have used an Avent hand pump and it was great. Good luck, hope it all works out for you.

Nothing wrong with crying when your kids are so distressed. IT WILL GET EASIER as she gets used to the new diet. The only suggestions I can offer is to put a cupcake or two in the freezer at preschool so if the teachers forget to tell you it is already there. Maybe also have a few small lollies (if you can find any she can eat) and keep them in your handbag for when you are out shopping, they could be the special shopping treats which might distract her from some of the things she can't have. Sorry I don't have much more to offer but good luck.

My daughter went through a phase when she thought their were pirates under her bed. I went to the Body Shop and bought some Deep Sleep spray, then I printed out a pirate with a big red X through it and told her that it was spray to keep away the pirates. We sprayed under her bed and on her bed and they went! Bonus is, the spray is full of EOs and will help relax your little one aswell. That is wonderful, I wish I had thought of that when DS was having nightmares. I just told him no "badies" could get in because our dog wouldn't let then past the lounge room where he sleeps. (our dog is small and lazy and wouldn't bark if you stood on his tail)

Both my boys had dropped day sleeps by their second birthday. It was a huge pain in the butt because I relied on their sleep time for my sanity but their father only sleeps 6 hours a night so I think not needing much sleep runs in my family. When they did drop the day sleep I traded it for an hours "rest time" and would have them lie on the lounge and watch Bob the Builder video for an hour. They seemed to do OK with a rest and quiet time rather than a sleep. It also meant they still slept well at night.

not sure if this will help but I live in Wollongong NSW and one of our local pharmacies make it's own wind mixture which local people swear by. Even local doctors recommend it. It is called Champions Wind Mixture and is made by the pharmacists at Blooms The Chemist Woonona. I know they post it to people out of the area and have even heard they have posted it to Aussies overseas. You could try giving them a call (02) 4285 4500. It might help, good luck.

yes, yes, yes.Want to do my ironing but am struggling for something to watch. These people are just STUPID.

I breastfeed my DS1 while pregnant and did experience nipple pain. It is normal to have some tenderness but I would suggest speaking to your Dr or midwife. They may just check it is not thrush or something treatable. It would be a shame for you to suffer if it was any easily fixed problem.

I would call the mothersafe hotline (1800 647 848) it is linked to Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. They will be able to provide you with any information about studies done on this drug and then you can discuss this with you Dr. I personally have been on a similar medication through one of my pregnancies because it would have been too risky/traumatic to stop it. My dr. and husband(who is a pharmacist) were both supportive of that decision. Good luck with this hard decision.

Your mum needs to decide what role she wants to play in this situation and I really feel for you all because this is a difficult situation. You don't have to be happy about it and I see why you may not be but try to atleast not burn any bridges with this girl because if she does leave your brother or she is mentally unwell this baby may need your love and support. You don't want her to lock you out of the babys life. Good luck to you all, I hope it works out for the best.

Like the other responses I don't really understand why you want to do this. Do you not get on with your family? We are very close to our family and it is really beautiful to me to watch the grandparent hold my babies for the first time because you can just see the love and excitment they have for baby. I didn't feel it had any effect on my bonding with them. Having said that, you are not alone. I have a friend who banned all family for two weeks, but like you first time around she didn't live close to them so they just delayed their trip.