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Bellasmum replied to topic Throwing food....HELP!!!

My 20 month old has done this for a while. Shes a bit young for some of the other things mentioned. We have trained her to put the food she doesnt want in the "special spot" on her high chair tray ...

Saturday 02 October 09:52pm

Bellasmum replied to topic Vomits when doing a Number 2

Hi loulou. My baby used to do this when she was really young. The muscles they use to do a poop can also contract the stomach and push the food up. Does it make a difference if she is laying or sit...

Friday 12 September 07:29pm

Bellasmum replied to topic New to the forum

Hi Kerrie - havent seen you around for a long time (speaking of that American forum - its kath). How are you and Benjamin doing?? We are well - Bellas growing (slowly - wont eat properly) - you sh...

Sunday 10 August 08:18pm

Bellasmum replied to topic Administering Zantac

I dont know if you are still having problems with this but I thought I would post anyway. I had the same problem with my daughter. When I found out it was ok to mix it with milk I used a mediacatio...

Sunday 10 August 08:10pm
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