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Tamzine replied to topic Vegas Gwen???

I'm going to take myself out of the equation completely. I'm going to try to pretend I'm overhearing other people in society (classmates, teachers, workmates, cousins) when they hear this name for...

Friday 23 January 06:22pm

Tamzine replied to topic George

George and Jack, these names will go well together as brothers. There's nothing wrong with George. I think it is wrongly overlooked by many. Given the popularity of Georgina & Georgia, it's a litt...

Friday 23 January 06:15pm

Tamzine replied to topic Final Name Choice...what do you think?

These are strong names. Yes, they are popular but you have actually stitched together two solid full name sequences with no obvious flaws. These names will stand the test of time, while, sadly, man...

Friday 23 January 05:40pm

Tamzine replied to topic Opinions please

Mumma2Scott gives some very sound advice. I would normally advise against having an alliterative name sequence. Take the middle name out of the equation for now because it will hardly ever be utter...

Friday 23 January 05:30pm

Tamzine replied to topic ABORIGINAL BOYS NAMES!!

With regards to Cobar, according to wikipedia: The name Cobar is derived from Ngiyampaa Kuparr. I read somewhere a few weeks ago that Kuparr itself is the indigenous pidgin/pronunciation for coppe...

Friday 23 January 05:12pm

Tamzine replied to topic girls name advice

Cheyenne on the bright side is a dulcet sounding name, but on the other hand it seems remote, a region in north america.. does that place/people have any meaning to you personally in terms of holid...

Friday 23 January 05:02pm

Tamzine replied to topic Do your kids have uncommon names?

No, but my friend's daughter's name is Vosha. I remember asking her where it came from / what does it mean, she said she came up with it herself. She loves it but sometimes I wonder if Vosha does.

Friday 23 January 04:46pm

Tamzine replied to topic Naming after place of conception

I haven't, but you've got a wide range of names to draw upon, depending on how specific you wish to be * Street name * Suburb name * Town name * nearby geographical landmark You can always just ...

Friday 23 January 04:31pm
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