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angel pie

angel pie replied to topic What's in a name!

Hi Karen, I like the name Austinn, I've never heard it before. It is amazing where we get names from. As soon as we got pregnant we discussed names. We were on the internet until all hours of the m...

Thursday 26 June 08:23pm
angel pie

angel pie replied to topic New Member

Hi Janelle. In answer to your question to whether we are going to try again, we started trying straight away. It's now been nearly six months with no results. I am planning a party for Lauren with ...

Thursday 05 June 08:51pm
angel pie

angel pie started new topic New Member

Hi, I am a new member. I am 26 with a daughter, Lauren, who will be one in 3 weeks. Wow, how time flies. I must say it has been the best time of my life apart from when I married my husband six yea...

Thursday 29 May 08:27pm
angel pie
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