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abc123 replied to topic Fussy Eater

I had the same trouble with my daughter at about 7mths, so I took her back to the basics and started again. Farex, mashed potato, egg custard and not too much variety in one day and that seemed to ...

Saturday 08 March 10:00pm

abc123 replied to topic Getting back in shape with baby.

Hi Jazts, I found walking was fantastic. Both my children would love to watch other people, the trees, cars going by and they didn't need toys to entertain themselves. I also enjoy going to the par...

Saturday 08 March 09:56pm

abc123 replied to topic moving baby to a cot?

Barmy, we moved both our children from cradle to cot at about 4mths due to the cradle being too small and when they went to move they would wake up. Both our children were still in our room until t...

Saturday 08 March 09:45pm

abc123 started new topic Toilet Training

My son is 3 on 11th March and although has been toilet trained both day and night for about 5months now, with no accidents he refuses to do a poo on the toilet. No amount of bribary, singing, readi...

Saturday 08 March 09:33pm
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