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dfm86 replied to topic Nappy Rash

Hi lizb, read all your replies and no one mention's resolve cream, it's for foot tinea and available at chemist's. On the side of cream it says for nappy rash, it's the only cream that has helped m...

Thursday 05 June 11:07am

dfm86 replied to topic Leaking nappies

Hi Donnab, i've found that (VIP)brand nappy's work great in the day with my 14 mth old daughter but at night i only use huggies. nothing eles works as well. Try a plastic sheet with a towel over ...

Thursday 05 June 10:57am

dfm86 started new topic Runny nose's.

Please help runny nose driving 14mth old and myself nuts. If anyone has tips i would really be thankfull.

Thursday 05 June 10:46am
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