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Gumboot replied to topic Expecting 1st

My son is now 9 months and it still scares the crap out of me!! But it does get better and easier. And a lot more enjoyable, even 4:30 in the morning looks good when its cold and you can snuggle ...

Tuesday 17 June 11:42am

Gumboot started new topic Won't lie down in bath!!

My 9 month old loves swimming lessons, will dunk his head, will lay on his back but put him in the bath its a different story. Don't get me wrong he loves to play in the bath but just try to lie hi...

Tuesday 17 June 11:30am

Gumboot replied to topic can my 6/12 month have toast?

Hi Mary, my 9 month old loves toast and has done since he was 6 months, he has a sort of built in radar where toast is concerned, cos no matter where he is or what he is doing, the second the toas...

Tuesday 17 June 11:23am

Gumboot replied to topic Teething

Hiya, my son cut his bottom two teeth first , then decided to cut the ones next to the front two (can't think what they are called), he looked like a vampire!! then the next day his front two appr...

Friday 13 June 09:35am

Gumboot replied to topic 9 month old won't eat "LUMPS"

My 9 month old was like that until I combined the pureed and lumpier foods together, took about a week and now I don't have to mash anything. Also try soft fruits, watermelon, rockmelon, banana as...

Friday 13 June 09:25am

Gumboot replied to topic teeth and solids?

hi mamma bear, i had huge problems with my son and teeth (9 months and 6 teeth) because he wouldn't eat lumpy foods while teething but needed something to chew on, so I mixed pureed with lumpy to g...

Friday 13 June 09:21am

Gumboot replied to topic Single Mum

Thanks for all your comments, it has been very helpful!!

Friday 13 June 09:11am

Gumboot started new topic Breast or Bottle?

When my son was born weighing 11 lb 4 oz, I was told that I would have trouble feeding him, which I did, I didn't have enough milk and he wasn't attaching properly (reguardless of how many times I ...

Friday 06 June 12:15pm

Gumboot started new topic 4:30 am

Please help!! My son sleeps great through the night often from 7:30 - 4:30 without a peep, but come 4:30 is ready and raring to play. He is 9 months old and this happens if he has had a good nigh...

Friday 06 June 12:09pm

Gumboot started new topic Single Mum

Hi, my name is Kimberly and I am a single mum with a 9 month old son, Caleb. I get along really well with Caleb's dad and he sees Caleb 2/3 times a week. I worry that they are both missing out on...

Wednesday 04 June 11:41am
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